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How Winter Affects Asphalt Pavement

how winter affects asphalt pavement

The winter season can bring lots of challenges, but something many people do not take into account is how the cold weather affects asphalt pavement.

Asphalt pavement is walked and driven on every day, so it’s important to understand how the weather changes the material’s composition and what we can do to address it. Read on to learn about the problems winter weather causes, and prevention methods that can be taken.

Problems Asphalt Pavement Faces in the Winter

Asphalt is a material that is commonly damaged from the winter’s cold and harsh weather. During the year, with rain and other rough weather conditions, it’s natural for water and moisture to get stuck in the cracks of pavement. Once winter hits and temperatures drop below 32 °F, the water freezes in the asphalt pavement, which causes the asphalt to expand and crack even more.

This is the most common issue asphalt pavement endures during the winter and it results in the pavement’s life decreasing as more severe cracks are created. If water has worked its way beneath the pavement’s surface, when it freezes, the surface of the asphalt pavement pushes up, which can cause more significant cracks and bumps on the road.

Once temperatures rise again, the surface will then collapse into the space that was once frozen. This creates potholes and an overall poorly supported road system. The process of pavement expanding and cracking becomes a continuous cycle as more water gets stuck in the asphalt pavement. It generates a surface that can be dangerous because a road or driveway is now filled with large cracks and potholes or shifted to an uneven surface. A crack that may seem harmless now may cause more issues down the road during the wintertime.

It’s also important to note that construction on a road is usually not planned during the cold season because the cold temperatures hinder the process of paving. When laying down the asphalt in colder temperatures, the mixture of crushed stone, gravel, and sand cools more quickly.

This leaves less time for compacting the asphalt, which would make a road less durable. If an issue does occur during the winter, it cannot be taken care of until temperatures start to rise again. This indicates another reason why asphalt and the winter season do not work well together.

Various problems clearly can happen to asphalt pavement during the winter, and it’s crucial to prevent issues like cracks or potholes because they can be more costly in the long run.

Preventing Asphalt Issues During the Winter Season

Asphalt damages caused by the winter season can easily be prevented, and with simple preparation, you can save time and money. UNIQUE’s products will show you that asphalt pavement can last a long time when it’s well taken care of.

Use a Crack Filler

Stop the cycle of water freezing and thawing in asphalt pavement by using our KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler. This product is great for any asphalt road, driveway, or parking lot, and repairs cracks only in 30 minutes. This is an easy way for you to stay on top of any cracks to prevent more significant damage.

Repair Existing Potholes

Winter conditions only worsen potholes, so it’s important to fill any potholes before temperatures drop. Our UPM® Cold Mix is created with a special formula to last through any kind of harsh weather conditions, even the coldest winters, so it’s vital to use this product to take care of your potholes before they worsen. This product helps reduce future damage to asphalt pavement and ensures better safety for any paved surface.

Seal Your Pavement

Using a high-quality sealer will help prevent moisture from finding a way to seep into your pavement. Our UNIQUE® Concrete Sealer is a product that protects the surface from de-icing salts, water damage, harsh weather conditions, abrasions, and more. Your asphalt pavement will better stand up to any kind of weather condition.

Resurface Your Pavement

If you notice your asphalt pavement has fatigue cracking or alligator cracking, you can easily use our UNIQUE® Asphalt Resurfacer which will cover all cracks while protecting the surface from winter’s harsh conditions. This product is ideal for already-aged surfaces and is easy to apply.

UNIQUE Paving Materials specially formulates all of our products to enhance your asphalt pavement and help it last through any kind of weather conditions, especially a harsh winter.

Other Products from UNIQUE Paving Materials

Beyond repairs that will help your pavement during the winter, UNIQUE Paving Materials offers products to help assist you with any kind of paving repair year-round. We provide:

  • Concrete repair solutions – We have a wide variety of concrete repair products that supply cost-effective solutions so your concrete can last longer. Our products address issues like cracks, holes, and other damages.
  • Pavement preservation techniques – Our products that preserve pavement are made to promote safer public roadways and help reduce issues that occur from potholes or other pavement damages. Preservation is key for the longevity of your concrete pavement.
  • Tools for any upcoming project – Make your next pavement project run smoother with UNIQUE’s wide variety of repair products. Our repair products pair well with any of our asphalt and concrete solution products.

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Next time winter rolls around, you’ll feel more prepared to prevent any pavement damage from cold conditions. If you have any questions or want to learn more, do not hesitate to reach out to UNIQUE Paving Materials today, because our team is ready to help!

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