What Makes us “UNIQUE”?

From pothole repairs across America to driveway asphalt repair to specialty concrete products, pavement sealers and rejuvenators, asphalt additives and tools to apply them, UNIQUE Paving Materials has a history of innovation, excellence and ongoing improvement we stand upon proudly. Learn what makes us truly UNIQUE in the road repair industry below.

Our UNIQUE Story

It all started with a coffee can, a welding rod, experimenting with a variety of additives and aggregates, and was driven by our founder’s dream of delivering a permanent solution to repairing potholes. Read Story.

UNIQUE Testimonials

UNIQUE’S Customers are literally hooked on the reliable and consistent performance of our products. When potential clients sample UPM® Cold Mix, they typically become customers for life. Visit our Testimonials page and read what satisfied customers have to say about our innovative and industry leading pothole and pavement preservation and repair products.

UNIQUE Quality Control

We define quality as guaranteed product performance, from testing all our raw materials on through to the finished production. To be called a UNIQUE® product, it must pass our stringent QC procedures. Learn More.

Hot Mix Asphalt Adhesion

UNIQUE Products

Every product is developed with one core focus…Performance. Whether you use our Signature UPM® Cold Mix, or our MICROMIX Mini Cold Mix, a shallow asphalt and large asphalt and concrete crack repair product, our KOLD-FLO® Crack Filler, our safe, ready-to-use cold applied crack filler, our UNIQUE® Asphalt Resurfacer for repairing alligator cracks, our UNIQUE® Concrete Sealer, our UNIQUE® Concrete Crack Filler, our High Performing UNIQUE® Concrete Repair Materials that only require one more ingredient –water or INTEGRA-SEAL® Asphalt Sealer – our Coal Tar Free Asphalt Sealer, UNIQUE has the pavement repair, maintenance, rejuvenating and preservation products, you can count on to work as promised. UNIQUE also offers products and services for Asphalt Paving Support with our high quality Asphalt Emulsions, our Pugmill Services for onsite mix production, Pavegrip® Adhesion Promoters and Tools for various product applications.

UNIQUE Innovation

Our industry-leading lab and R & D team is continuously researching, testing and developing new asphalt, concrete, pavement preservation and tool solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the pavement repair market. From protecting our environment to discovering new products and applications, UNIQUE continues to offer high performance existing and new solutions for your preservation, maintenance, rejuvenation and restoration projects. Let us know what new UNIQUE solution we can bring for you… Learn More


From our President through every department of the company, our industry leadership is driven by experienced people whose passion is fulfilling our promise to you “Performance Now…and Down the Road”.

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“We have found that UPM mix is the best high performance product we have used. The ease of workability and longevity has exceeded our expectations.”

– Nick Howell, President,
T&N Asphalt Services, Inc

“We have been associated with Unique Paving Materials for the past 4 years and will continue the association and add to our customer base.”

– Bill Ferrell, General Sales Manager,
Martin Marietta Materials

“We were able to extend INTEGRA-SEAL asphalt sealer farther than other asphalt emulsion or coal tar sealers. Right up there with the best I’ve ever used.”

– Paving Company

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