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MICROMIX® Mini Cold Mix for Asphalt Patching

MICROMIX® mini cold mix was designed for smaller, detailed asphalt and concrete repair needs. It provides intricate coverage of narrow, complex asphalt and concrete cracks. It is ideal for small repair areas such as eroding concrete expansion joints, shallow pavement “pop outs”, and asphalt crocodile cracking.

Simply clean the area, apply UNIQUE® tack coat, apply the MICROMIX® mini mix, top with de-tack powder and compact. Open immediately to traffic, even turning wheels!

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If your repair needs include any variety of narrow or shallow repair areas, this cold patch asphalt will accomplish what many other asphalt patch products cannot.


This is because it is an innovative mix of our award winning UPM® cold mix asphalt patch liquid and manufactured sand. UNIQUE® cold mix is our original cold patch asphalt material that is guaranteed to outlast the surrounding pavement over 90% of the time. With the strength of UNIQUE® cold mix and the flexible adhesion of sand, MICROMIX® mini cold mix is an agile cold patch solution. This asphalt material will reduce total repair costs, provide long lasting coverage, and ensure easy application. Plus, its high performance is warranty-guaranteed.

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At Unique Paving Materials, we provide customer service to match the quality of our products. With MICROMIX® mini cold mix, you’ll have access to customized, region-specific formulations that are tailored to fit your repair needs and local climate. Our nationwide field support will be available throughout the life of MICROMIX® mini mix—starting from the very beginning of the repair. In fact, on-site training for best repair practices is available for those who prefer the expertise of a Unique Paving Material representative.

To find out if MICROMIX® mini cold mix is the right option for you, contact a Unique Paving Materials representative today and learn more.