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When it comes to supplying high-performance, cost-effective products for asphalt and concrete preservation, maintenance, rejuvenation, and repair, UNIQUE Paving Materials is the premier choice for all your infrastructure needs. Different regions in North America experience different climates and weather patterns which can make pavement repair and preservation challenging, something we always take into account with our materials.

Unlike other asphalt supply companies, UNIQUE Paving Materials Corp. provides products suited for every season and weather condition. With the careful testing and perfecting of our materials, our products are known for their adaptability and ease of use.

UNIQUE Paving Materials: An Asphalt and Concrete Materials Supplier, Offering Cold Patch, Crack Fillers, and Pavement Preservation Products

Asphalt and concrete preservation, maintenance, and repairs should be easy and cost-efficient, whether you have one pothole, one crack, or a major project. Since 1959, UNIQUE Paving Materials has manufactured road repair materials that save time, money, and repeated repairs. As one of the nation’s leading asphalt repair companies, we remain committed to delivering high-performance products.

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, innovation is key to our success. Our research and design team researches, tests, and develops new solutions for the asphalt and concrete repair industry. From environmentally friendly products to repair solutions that solve the most challenging road maintenance problems, we are always one step ahead.

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“We have been using UPM mix for several years now with a variety of applications. We use both bulk and bagged product. We have found that UPM mix is the best high performance product we have used. The ease of workability and longevity has exceeded our expectations. One of our biggest clients whom we regularly apply UPM mix in the winter is Smith’s Food and Drug, a division of the Kroger Company. Smith’s has been extremely happy with our application of UPM mix and continues to request its usage on their stores.”

– Nick Howell, President, T&N Asphalt Services, Inc

“As a producer and user of UPM Cold Mix, I would like to comment on the product. It is easily produced and has a long stockpile life. We have shipped from a stockpile that had been on the ground for 10 months, and the mix looked like it had just been produced. Customers like the mix because there is little or no preparation before placement. Just put in the pothole and compact. Unlike regular cold mix, once installed, it does not have to be replaced every time it rains. We have been associated with Unique Paving Materials for the past 4 years and will continue the association and add to our customer base.”

– Bill Ferrell, General Sales Manager, Martin Marietta Materials

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“We have been using your UPM cold mix material for about 2 years now and have had great success with it. Not only do we use it for pot hole repair but we have actually been using it as a patching material. We have found that when applied 1 to 1½, inches thick it will harden almost as well as the typical hot mix asphalt. The largest patch thus far we have used it on was 15′ X 20′ and it is still in place and holding up. During application we use a 2400 lb roller to pack and roll the material out with. I would like to thank you for such a good product at a reasonable cost.”

– James D. Wood, Crew Leader, City of Joshua, TX Public Works

“Since starting our seal coating business in 2005, we have been purchasing only UPM mix and KOLD-FLO crack filler. We have used UPM mix in places where the sidewalk is uneven with the driveway. We install the slope to make it even out, and the UPM mix holds up better than the sidewalk! Customers keep calling us for repeat business, not just because of the price on repair, but the quality too. Competitors claim they need to repatch but our patches are in wonderful condition and hold better than the existing pavement.”

– Lisa, New Look Asphalt Seal Coating

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“We’ve been using your product [UPM mix] for several years now and it works just great! A lot cheaper than having the lots repaired. Our problem is the pavement around the repair falls apart, but the repair stays fixed.”

– Brian, Paul Cerame Kia

“INTEGRA-SEAL® asphalt sealer exceeded my expectations. Went farther and gave us more consistent coverage than coal tar. Coverage with cracks was exceptional.”

– Commercial Paving Contractor

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“We were able to extend INTEGRA-SEAL asphalt sealer farther than other asphalt emulsion or coal tar sealers. Right up there with the best I’ve ever used.”

– Paving Company

“Loved INTEGRA-SEAL asphalt sealer. Five stars all around!”

– Residential Contractor

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A Step Above Other Pavement Repair Companies

How does UNIQUE raise the bar higher than other pavement repair companies? Our lab technicians enforce rigorous quality-control standards on all pavement repair materials. Simply put, we do what other companies will not by supplying the perfect materials for our customers.

Our solutions include:

  • Asphalt RepairDiscover our proprietary cold patch, a solution engineered to outlast surrounding pavement
  • Concrete RepairBrowse high-quality concrete mortars and repair products
  • Pavement PreservationExtend, preserve, and rejuvenate the life of your pavement

From pothole repairs across the country to specialty concrete products and everything in between, UNIQUE Paving Materials has the road maintenance solutions for your needs.

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Our Proprietary Pothole Solution
UPM® Cold Mix

UPM® Cold Mix is our high-performance asphalt repair for potholes. This mixture is a permanent pavement repair material – in fact, it outlasts the surrounding pavement more than 90% of the time. In addition to our pothole repair material, pavement professionals have long recognized our range of repair and paving materials.

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Try UPM® Asphalt Cold Patch Mix Today

The Industry Standard Cold Mix

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Unmatched Quality Control

Discover the Foundation of Our Brands

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More About UNIQUE, Your Concrete Materials Supplier

For more than 60 years, UNIQUE Paving Materials has been recognized as America’s leading supplier of pavement maintenance materials. Our pavement repair manufacturing company is dedicated to producing top-quality materials and products that deliver the highest performance while always providing our customers with premium service and genuine fairness.

With years of experience across diverse regions and climates, UNIQUE has mastered a wide range of pavement repair materials and mixtures for all weather conditions.

The asphalt and concrete repair solutions we offer include:

Not sure which of our repair products is best suited for your departments road maintenance needs, request a free sample today.

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