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UNIQUE Paving Materials is the premier choice for all of your road repair needs whether you are dealing with a single pothole or a major paving project. We strive to provide concrete repair products that can accommodate any region in North America, regardless of seasonal conditions and climate.

In addition to providing concrete and cement repair materials to individual customers, UNIQUE Paving Materials also works with a variety of contractors, road departments, water and sewer departments and contractors, utility companies, city governments, and more.

Our Line of Cement Repair Concrete Patching Products

UNIQUE Paving Materials doesn’t just make asphalt repair and pavement preservation materials. We also manufacture high-quality concrete repair products. We’re proud of the variety of concrete repair products we’ve created for many scenarios and applications—including concrete restoration, resurfacing, mortar repair, and much more.

Check out our video to learn more about our full line of cement repair and concrete patching products.

The Versatile UNIQUE® Concrete and Cement Repair Formulations We Offer

Our formulas allow you to mix and match our products to your specific needs. For example, do you want a polymer-modified product but need a quicker set time? Simply add UNIQUE® High-Performance Fast Set Mortar (25%) to UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Polymer-Modified Mortar (75%), and you now have a polymer-modified concrete patching mortar with an initial set time of approximately one hour.

Looking for a mortar that stops water, bonds quickly, or repairs overhead structures? Explore our whole line of high-performance concrete repair materials below.

UNIQUE® High Performance Fast Set Mortar Concrete Patching Material

UNIQUE® High-Performance Fast Set Mortar is a blend of hydraulic cement, graded silica sand and performance-enhancing additives designed as a versatile concrete repair mortar for use as-is for 1/2-inch repairs, 1-inch repairs, or up to 6 inches by extending with aggregate. Its high early PSI and excellent bond strength allows you to reopen the repaired area to foot traffic in 1 hour and vehicle traffic in 3 hours.

UNIQUE® Highway DOT Fast Set Ready to Use Concrete Mix

UNIQUE® Highway DOT Concrete Mix is a blend of hydraulic cement, graded silica sand, 3/8-inch stone and performance enhancing additives designed for immediate use as-is for rapid setting concrete repairs 2–12 inches. Its high early PSI and excellent bond strength allows you to open the repair for foot traffic in 1 hour and vehicle traffic in 3 hours.

UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Polymer Modified Mortar

UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Polymer-Modified Mortar is easy to use, non-shrink, and volume stable for shallow polymer-modified concrete repairs. UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP is a trowel-grade mortar and concrete repair material compatible with the thermal expansion of concrete. It can be used from 2 inches to feather edge.

UNIQUE® Overhead & Vertical Repair Mortar

UNIQUE® Overhead & Vertical Repair Mortar is a special blend of pozzolanic cement, proprietary ingredients, and blended polymers. Its excellent bond strength allows you to quickly repair non-structural concrete from 4 inches to feather edge on vertical and overhead surfaces.


POSTCRETE-GROUT/WS® Hydraulic Cement is hydraulic cement blended with proprietary ingredients. Use to anchor bolts, pipe, ornamental iron, seats, signs, grout base plates, and equipment pads, fill voids, instantly stop running water or seepage through holes or cracks in concrete or masonry walls, pools, water storage facilities, tunnels, fountains, water channels, ponds, and piers. Use to patch mortar joints, cracks, and holes in masonry walls.

Not sure which of our concrete patching products are right for you? Request a free sample today to see just what makes our mixtures so UNIQUE.

More Than Just a Cement Repair and Concrete Patching Products Company

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we have remained a national leader in concrete repair for over 60 years. Our team also offers a variety of road maintenance solutions in addition to concrete patching and cement repair.

Our additional repair solutions include:

  • Asphalt RepairUNIQUE manufactures asphalt repair, asphalt patch, crack filler, asphalt sealer, and pavement preservation products to meet any application need. Our solutions provide a cost-effective way to preserve and protect your asphalt’s foundation and surface over extended periods of time.

  • Pavement PreservationUNIQUE’s process of pavement preservation results in the creation of longer-lasting roadways by applying the right pavements and treatments. We offer an array of products that have been proven to save tax dollars, increase the life span of roads, and improve public safety.

To learn more about the solutions we offer, explore our products page today.

Contact UNIQUE Paving Materials Today for All of Your Concrete Patching and Cement Repair Needs

If you’re in need of concrete repair or concrete patching products, UNIQUE Paving Materials has got you covered. With our wide selection of cement repair solutions, we provide products for nearly every application no matter the region or climate. At UPM, our concrete repair products are proven to save time and money.

To learn more about our cement repair, concrete patching solutions, or other available products, reach out to our experienced team today. We can help you find the best products for your road maintenance needs.