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What Is Pavement Preservation and Why Is It Important?

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pavement preservation

Pavement is subject to damage from time, weather, and use – all of which are elements that cannot be prevented or stopped. The amount of each weathering factor varies across different areas, therefore making it difficult to develop uniform preventative plans for deterioration. The most effective solution to revamp roads is pavement preservation.

UNIQUE Paving Materials has been repairing roadways since 1959. We tailor a custom plan for each project to ensure that roads are functioning properly as a safe space for travelers to reach their destinations in the quickest way possible. Innovative solutions are our key to solving your specific paving problem, and this includes pavement preservation.

What Is Pavement Preservation?

Drivers from all areas expect roads to be regularly maintained, and they experience frustration when roads are not up to standard. Unfortunately, roads are always interrupted by oxidation, aging, weather, and deterioration from ongoing usage. In order to keep travelers satisfied and safe, and reduce the number of expensive road projects, pavement preservation is a valuable asset.

When it comes to the question of “what is pavement preservation,” the process is a strategic approach to enhancing and maintaining pavement before it needs total rehabilitation. With proper tactics employed, it is easier to extend the life of pavement and make roads safer for vehicles.

Benefits of Utilizing Pavement Preservation

Pavement preservation is the ideal tactic for drivers and taxpayers alike. The goal is to lessen construction, promote road safety, and provide the most efficient option.

How Do Roads Benefit from Pavement Preservation?

  • Increased safety – Roads begin to deteriorate almost immediately after they are built since they undergo harsh weather conditions and traffic loads. Oxidation especially impacts the surface and can reduce tire traction, among other factors. Pavement preservation assists in creating better surfaces for travel. Additionally, irregularities in traffic flow can cause car accidents. By practicing pavement preservation, roads become a safer place with less traffic.
  • Enhanced performance – Maintenance is the key to the longevity of roads. By preserving pavement, roads require less construction. This results in a better flow of traffic and reduced time spent in construction-related traffic. Additionally, roads that have uneven surfaces are uncomfortable to travel on and can contribute to the deterioration of your vehicle. To optimize safety and place less stress on travelers, be sure to utilize pavement preservation.

Why Else Is Pavement Preservation Important?

  • Cost-efficient – The amount of damage on a road determines the cost required to repair it. Preserving pavement slows down the overall structural decline. This can save taxpayer dollars by granting more time between full road replacements on highways especially, resulting in an overall better return on investment.
  • Better for the planet – Pavement preservation is also a better option for the earth. Because it decreases the amount of construction necessary, it is useful for reducing the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. This also interrupts the number of nonreusable resources that are being used by conducting less rehabilitation. Lastly, some preservation tactics optimize the use of recycled materials, making it overall a more eco-friendly choice.

Put UNIQUE Paving Materials to Work

UNIQUE Paving Materials offers multiple and adaptable solutions that fit all types of pavement restoration needs. Whether it is for concrete or asphalt, we supply a variety of products that are designed to operate as solutions to any pavement preservation project.

Our pavement preservation product line includes:

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