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Using a Concrete Sealer to Protect Surfaces Against De-Icing Salts

salt-repellent concrete sealer

It’s no secret that winter weather can be harsh on concrete. For example, when the water in a concrete mixture freezes, it expands. Once it gets warmer, it thaws. As temperatures fluctuate, this process causes stress on the concrete, which leads to cracking. When the cycle happens repeatedly, the surface can flake and cracks widen. 

In order to prevent that, it’s helpful to use a salt-repellent concrete sealer. Winterizing your pavement with a high-quality sealer will help keep moisture from seeping into your concrete.

Salt-Repellant Concrete Sealer at UNIQUE Paving Materials

When it comes to concrete sealers and de-icing salts, a quality product will protect the concrete surface from abrasion, flaking, de-icing salts, and stains. UNIQUE Paving Materials offers high-performance concrete sealing products, including our UNIQUE® Concrete Sealer

This de-icing salt concrete sealer is a penetrating, non-yellowing acrylic polymer that is strategically crafted to form a protective barrier on concrete. Whether the concrete is new or old, this concrete sealer is designed to protect these surfaces from water damage caused by dirt stains, freeze/thaw cycles, wear and tear from harsh weather, and contaminants. 

If you’re sealing your driveway, patio, parking lot, or anything in between, our concrete sealer is the perfect solution to protect your pavement from the harsh effects of de-icing salts.

Additional benefits of our salt-repellent concrete sealer include:

  • ASTM C-309 VOC-compliant
  • Ready-to-use formula 
  • Easy application with a roller or spray
  • Quick 2-4 hour curing time 
  • Reduction in porosity and air pockets
  • Exceptional adhesion to pavement surfaces
  • Breathable and UV-resistant design
  • Slip-resistant, even when wet
  • Designed with non-hazardous, environmentally friendly formula

Tips for Using Concrete Sealers for De-Icing Salts

When you’re thinking about taking on the project of sealing your concrete, there are a few factors to consider to get the best results for a long-lasting coat. Before applying your de-icing salt concrete sealer, the following tips will be helpful to prep:

  • Day application takes a shorter amount of time than night application
  • Spray smoothly and evenly
  • Avoid pools of the product, but be sure to efficiently coat 
  • Give 2-4 hours between coats 
  • Allow 12-24 hours for final curing process 

Benefits of Choosing UNIQUE Paving Materials for Your De-Icing Salt Concrete Sealer

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we work tirelessly to be your premier choice for all your pavement repair needs. When it comes to the concrete repair industry, safety and innovation are essential. For over 60 years and counting, we have remained a national leader in road repair by concentrating on high-quality products, evolving with the industry, and, most importantly, providing exceptional customer care. 

We continuously set ourselves apart from the competition by: 

  • Supplying on-site training and application with our highly experienced field staff
  • Initiating quality control procedures for new products 
  • Developing and researching performance-driven products in our state-of-the-art laboratory
  • Producing products for all seasons and weather conditions throughout the USA 

Contact Us Today to Get Started with Our Concrete Sealers for De-Icing Salts

Our premium pavement products at UNIQUE Paving Materials, including our salt-repellent concrete sealer, are sure to provide you with long-lasting results you’ll be satisfied with. 

If you’re unsure of where to start, reach out to our knowledgeable team and we’ll be happy to discuss our de-icing salt concrete sealer. If you need any further guidance with your project and next steps, we’d also be happy to help with that too.

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