UNIQUE® Concrete Sealer

When it comes to quality concrete repair companies, UNIQUE Paving Materials is the leader in their industry, with years of experience innovating concrete and asphalt repair products based on our customers’ needs.

Our UNIQUE® Concrete Sealer is a penetrating, non-yellowing acrylic polymer ASTM C-309 VOC-compliant concrete sealer designed to form a protective barrier for new and old concrete against water and deicing salts. The concrete sealing product we created protects surfaces from water damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles, dirt stains, and other contaminants.

Benefits of Our Concrete Sealer

UNIQUE Paving Materials offers high-performance concrete sealing products that you can trust when it comes to large- or small-scale pavement repair projects. Our concrete sealer is great for making repairs on new and aged pavements alike.

Some other benefits you can expect from our concrete sealer include:

  • Ready-to-use formula
  • Simple application with a spray or roller
  • Reduction in porosity
  • Excellent adhesion to pavement surfaces
  • UV resistance
  • Breathability
  • Slip resistance (even when wet)
  • Non-hazardous formula
  • Environmentally friendly

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Available in:

  • 8 lb 1-gallon bottles
  • 38 lb 5-gallon pails
  • 440 lb 55-gallon drums

When you choose UNIQUE Paving Materials for your concrete sealer and assorted products, you get only the best.

Concrete Sealing Tips

When you decide to launch your concrete sealing project, it is critical to consider different factors for a long-lasting coat. To prepare for and begin the application properly, review the following tips:

  • Spray evenly and smoothly
  • Avoid pools but be sure to efficiently coat
  • Night application takes longer than day application 
  • Remember to give 24 hours between coats 
  • 24-48 hours are needed for final curing

Last but not least, we recommend removing any driveway stains before starting the sealing process. After this, we suggest using our KWIK-LOK® Pavement Primer. This product is a fast-curing pavement primer that is specifically designed to lock down oil and chemical stains on concrete before the sealing process. You will notice that it prevents bleed-through and helps the pavement sealer bond with the pavement for a stronger hold.

How to Get the Best Results Using Our UNIQUE® Concrete Sealer

There’s a reason UNIQUE Paving Materials has the products and brands to which competitors try to compare. When used properly, your concrete surface will be untouchable against water, weather, and other contaminants once you’ve applied our sealer.

In addition to the tips listed above, know that UNIQUE® Concrete Sealer should not be applied to damp surfaces or when the ambient temperature is expected to drop below 50° Fahrenheit. Also, make sure the concrete surface is free of sticks, dirt, and debris. Prior to application, power wash the area using a mild detergent to ensure the binding agents work properly. Once the concrete is thoroughly dry, it’s ready for UNIQUE® Concrete Sealer.

It’s easiest to start at one end of the area and work your way back. When spraying, be sure to apply enough to saturate the surface but not apply so much that the liquid starts pooling. If you are applying multiple coats, be sure to allow 2-4 hours between coat applications. Once finished, allow for a final curing time of 12-24 hours before opening the area to traffic. Do keep in mind that curing time varies due to ambient conditions. A nighttime application typically takes longer than a daytime application.

As soon as you’re finished, clean your sprayer with simple water, making sure to run the water through the sprayer as well as over it. Then, you’re good to enjoy your new pavement! Just like that, your driveway will be protected against the freeze-thaw cycles that are brought in by fall, winter, and spring.

When should I apply concrete sealer?

Concrete sealers can help prevent damage from water, chemicals, UV rays, and other elements. If your concrete is new, you will want to let it cure for at least 28 days before sealing it. If your concrete has been installed for a while, be sure to clean it beforehand to avoid sealing in any dirt, debris, and other materials.

How often should I seal my driveway?

The frequency of your driveway sealing will depend on the type of sealer used, traffic levels, and environmental conditions faced. Most sealers will be reapplied every 1-5 years, but each project is different.

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UNIQUE® is a registered trademark of UNIQUE Paving Materials Corp.

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