UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Polymer Modified Mortar

Form a Permanent Bond with a Quality Concrete Patching Product

What Is UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Concrete Repair Mortar?

UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP polymer-modified mortar is an easy-to-use, non-shrink and volume-stable mortar for concrete patching and repair.

Our engineers designed this trowel-grade mortar for superior bonding and flexural strength. That means you can rely on UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP for high-abrasion resistance to deicing salts and winter’s harsh freeze-thaw cycles.

Watch the video to find out how this specialized concrete repair mortar provides the extra edge and durability you need for your next concrete patching project.

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FLEXICRETE® XP Mortar Repair

FLEXICRETE® XP Mortar Repair Benefits

Get the job done right the first time with the best concrete patching repair products. Explore the benefits and discover how FLEXICRETE® XP stands up to competitors.

Quick Set Times

Need a quicker set time? Add UNIQUE® High-Performance Fast-Set Mortar (25%) to UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Mortar (75%) and you now have a polymer-modified concrete repair material with an initial set time of approximately one hour. Plus, you’ll achieve more compressive strength for your repair.

Ready to start a commercial or industrial project? Share a few details about your project, and we’ll be in touch with a custom quote.

Superior Physical Properties and Yield Rate

UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP polymer-modified mortar requires less water than similar concrete repair products, resulting in superior physical properties.

Ten pounds of mortar yields about 0.11 cubic foot of finished product when mixed with 28 ounces of potable water.

Available In:

  • 50 lb. 5-gallon pails

How Does Your Concrete Patching Product Compare to Our Polymer-Modified Mortar?

  • Works from 2 inches to feather edge
  • Opens to foot traffic in 4–6 hours
  • Opens to vehicle traffic in 8–12 hours
  • Resists abrasion and deicing salts
  • Withstands winter’s freeze-thaw cycles
  • Works with concrete thermal expansion

Need more information? Explore our Data Sheet – UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Polymer Modified Mortar.

UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® is a registered trademark of UNIQUE Paving Materials Corp.

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