At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we offer a variety of products that are ideal for emergency situations. From small cracks to huge ruptures in your pavement, our materials are used to quickly and effectively repair the damage that has been done. 

Once completed, the repairs made with our products will hold firmly and withstand all types of weather and climate conditions. From emergency pothole repairs to emergency parking lot repairs and more, UNIQUE Paving Materials has you covered.

Emergency Concrete Repairs

An advantage of selecting our products for your emergency repair is that our materials offer flexibility and stability, two qualities that will ensure a successful repair. Our line of products that can be used to address your emergency concrete repairs include:

Our high-performance options are the products that you need to quickly complete all of your emergency concrete repairs. No matter the repair scenario, we have created repair products to resolve all types of challenges.

Emergency Asphalt Repairs

We supply a range of asphalt repair product solutions to help you get the job done, regardless of the climate or region. We offer the following products for your emergency asphalt repairs:

By implementing our asphalt repair products to complete your emergency asphalt repairs, you will be utilizing products that perform optimally now as well as down the road.

Also, we want to ensure that you are able to determine the proper amount of pothole material that you need. In order to do this, we have created the pothole repair calculator. This calculator will show you how much material you need, as well as how much it costs per square foot. It is necessary to determine the exact amount of pothole repair material in order to properly ensure bond strength and maintain the integrity of the repair.

Emergency Repair? Our Solutions Are Your Best Bet

We prove over and over again that our products work best for emergency situations. Anything from small emergency sidewalk repair to large-scale emergency driveway repair, we are able to quickly fix your issues in a way that will truly last. 

For example, in Phoenix, Arizona a water main needed quick emergency repair when it ruptured during the night. This was a large repair—so large, in fact, that it required roughly 750 pounds of our material. When working with our materials, to guarantee success and ensure performance UNIQUE outlines a specific installation process which was used during this repair, resulting in a successful repair when it was needed most.

Choose UNIQUE Paving Materials for Your Emergency Repairs

With our innovative solutions and quality products, we have been recognized as the leading provider of pavement maintenance materials in America. For over 60 years, UNIQUE Paving Materials has impacted the industry with our dedication to creating pavement repair products that last.

Contact us today to quickly get your emergency concrete repair or emergency asphalt repair underway!

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