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Maintaining Your Asphalt and Concrete With Proper Parking Lot Repair

parking lot repair

Regular parking lot upkeep doesn’t just involve fixing cracks or repairing potholes, but it helps ensure that people have a safe surface on which to drive, park and walk. With the right parking lot repair plan, you’ll improve your parking lot’s appearance, functionality and longevity. And by implementing proper maintenance, you’ll make a difference for your wallet, too.

So, how should you care for your parking lot? Check out our recommendations for how to appropriately approach your parking lot asphalt repair.

Parking Lot Asphalt Repair Checklist

parking lot repair

What are the steps for proper asphalt maintenance in your parking lot? Review this parking lot asphalt repair checklist and perform repairs to make sure your pavement retains its integrity and stability.

  1. Sealcoat asphalt pavement – Sealing protects the surface from oxidation, weather, salt, gas and oil. If not sealed, pavement starts to ravel and form potholes. Sealcoat after asphalt installation and then once every two years for proper parking lot maintenance.
  2. Fill cracksCrack filler seals crevices where water leaks into the asphalt’s foundation. When using crack filler, you are able to keep water out and prevent structural damage. For best results, we recommend filling cracks every year.
  3. Repair potholes – Potholes form when water enters the subbase and begins to erode the subbase away, breaking down the asphalt structure. Potholes are not only a sign of structural damage, but they are also a safety risk in your parking lot. To keep your parking lot looking its best, repair potholes with UPM® Cold Mix as needed.
  4. Replace pavement – Asphalt parking lots last 20 to 30 years when properly maintained. However, even with the proper parking lot asphalt repair, well-maintained parking lots require replacement over time. Bring in experts to evaluate and recommend a high-quality, long-lasting asphalt solution.

Parking Lot Concrete Repair Checklist

Typically, concrete requires preventive maintenance every three to five years. Concrete maintenance is intended to address small issues, not structural problems. Review our parking lot repair tips checklist when performing parking lot concrete repair.

Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

  1. Fill cracks and chips – To repair cracks, fill with a leveling caulk or pourable concrete crack filler. In order to patch chips, use hydraulic cement.
  2. Grind uneven sections – Sometimes, concrete sections shift over time, causing an uneven surface. To fix the uneven surface, grind down the high side for a smooth driving and walking surface.
  3. Stabilize low or sinking areas – Pump a cement slurry below the problem area or patch a pothole with a cold mix pothole filler.
  4. Seal the surface – Sealant helps block the porous surface from corrosive effects of salt and water. We recommend sealing your surface to avoid more damage being done, which will lead to less parking lot concrete repair being necessary.
  5. Deep clean the surface – Power washing your concrete annually reveals fresh, beautiful concrete underneath the dirt.
  6. Apply protective coating – An acrylic coating adds a protective layer to your concrete parking lot, which provides a barrier until your concrete parking lot needs replacing – usually when it reaches 20 years old.

FAQs About Repairing Your Parking Lot

Why is parking lot maintenance important?

By conducting regular maintenance on your concrete or asphalt surfaces, you can extend their lifespan, save money, and enhance their overall appearance. Parking lot repair will also ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians alike, which is important regardless of your industry or business.

What are common issues to address in parking lot repair?

Over time, asphalt parking lots are prone to cracking, potholes, raveling, surface damage, oxidation, and more. Concrete parking lots might undergo cracking, joint issues, scaling, settling, unevenness, and other issues.

These problems may stem from extreme temperatures, precipitation, freeze-thaw cycles, heavy traffic, and age. As you see, all of these problems are the result of external forces that we cannot avoid. However, identifying the issues as they develop and treating them quickly can preserve the wellness of your concrete or asphalt parking lot.

Can I use the same materials for concrete parking lot repair and asphalt parking lot repair?

It is important to note that concrete repairs involve different materials and techniques than asphalt repairs. For example, concrete repairs may require crack filling, joint sealing, or even resurfacing to address issues. Asphalt repairs may require pothole repair, crack filling, seal coating, and more.

Can I conduct parking lot repairs during business hours?

The timing of your repairs should be based on the nature and extent of what needs to be done. Some small repairs may be performed during business hours with minimal disruption to regular traffic. However, if you are doing something like seal coating or trying to fill multiple holes in your asphalt or concrete surface, we would suggest scheduling a time to do the repairs during off-peak times.

How does weather affect a parking lot?

Weather affects a parking lot in plenty of ways, which is why it’s so important to follow our parking lot maintenance tips. Let’s look at how both the summer and winter influences concrete or asphalt pavement.

In the summer, ongoing heat can soften a parking lot making it more susceptible to damage and cracks. Heat also speeds up the aging process for pavement which includes fading and oxidation.

Once a crack is formed in the summer, it can be filled with water from moisture and rain. When temperatures drop for the winter season, water freezes in cracks and expands. This turns a small crack into an even bigger one and can lead to potholes. This process between the summer and winter seasons can become a continuous cycle if there’s no parking lot maintenance to stop it, creating a lot of damage.

Painting Your Parking Lot After It Has Been Repaired

When you conduct your parking lot repair, consider scheduling a time to have your surface repainted afterward to keep your space looking fresh. Keep in mind that if you decide you want to have your parking lot painted, schedule this first, then have everything seal coated. Adding fresh parking lot paint will create clear spaces for visitors to your establishment. This can lead to increased safety, better traffic flow, improved aesthetics, and even regulatory compliance.

Don’t forget about the ADA requirements for parking, either. These regulations are used to designate accessible parking for individuals with disabilities. When creating parking spots after completing parking lot repairs, there are a few aspects to keep in mind to be successful:

  • Parking spaces must be a minimum of 96 inches wide and at least 240 inches long
  • Accessible parking spots should be close to the entrance of a building
  • 2-5% of parking spots must be accessible
  • Remove any kind of barrier that would be hazardous found in the path between accessible parking spots and entrances
  • Van-accessible spots must have an extra three feet to their width

Maintenance Costs and Benefits to Parking Lot Repair

Prevention is key to saving you time and money on your pavement preservation efforts. By enacting parking lot repairs as soon as issues occur, you’ll be able to extend the life of your parking lot for years to come. We recommend being proactive and following a parking lot maintenance schedule. Incremental repair costs can lead to cost-saving benefits over time, especially if you’re looking to get a few more years out of your asphalt or concrete parking lot.

Other benefits you’ll see once you follow our parking lot repair tips include:

  • Increased safety – When you repair potholes, cracks, or uneven parts in a parking lot, you are improving the safety of pedestrians who walk over the parking lot. You are also preventing vehicles from being damaged by hitting deep potholes.
  • Better durability – Implementing parking lot maintenance will make your concrete or asphalt parking lot better prepared for any weather conditions. Small, unnoticeable cracks can turn into larger problems, so keeping up to date with these repairs will leave a parking lot in better shape and increase its lifespan.
  • Enhanced appearance – Keep your parking lot looking professional and clean with simple parking lot repairs. This will create a more positive impression on visitors to your property.

Parking Lot Repair Solutions with UNIQUE Paving Materials

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we offer only high-performing and cost-effective products for any kind of infrastructure need. When looking beyond our concrete parking lot maintenance tips, know that other products that UNIQUE offers include:

If you’re looking for more asphalt parking lot repair products, we also have:

One key aspect to note about our products is that they’re environmentally friendly. This is because we believe that our products should not only have a positive effect on the community’s infrastructure but a positive effect on the environment as well.

With our wide range of highly effective products available, you’ll find a solution for any parking lot issue from UNIQUE Paving Materials.

Contact Us Today for More Information on Parking Lot Repair

Whether your parking lot is made of asphalt or concrete, we have products that will make the repair process easy and quick. Just remember, small maintenance projects make a big difference in the longevity of your surface!

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