UNIQUE® Overhead and Vertical Concrete Repair Mortar

We have been providing customers with reliable and innovative concrete repair products for over 60 years. Our solutions are cost-effective and suitable for all climate types and weather conditions, and that includes our overhead concrete repair products.

When it comes to repairing overhead or vertical concrete surfaces, not all concrete repair materials are equal. UNIQUE® Overhead & Vertical Concrete Repair Mortar is a premium material for concrete patch repair because it offers superior, no-sag bonding.

Its polymer-modified strength ensures you’ll make safe, long-lasting repairs in a variety of challenging locations. Apply our overhead concrete patch to concrete, mortar, brick, stone and mortarless stack-and-bond block applications.

Overhead & Vertical Concrete Repair Application

How does our overhead concrete repair material outperform the rest? Watch the video to learn why contractors, homeowners, and thousands of satisfied customers choose UNIQUE for quick fixes and challenging repairs.

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Benefits of Overhead and Vertical Concrete Mix

When it comes to patching up surfaces, you need something with great bonding strength and quick sealing. Achieve a strong, smooth repair job—despite the effects of gravity. Our vertical concrete mix dries quickly without shrinking, running, or cracking. As a leading-edge industry favorite, this specially formulated concrete repair material looks great, too.

Available In:

  • 50 lb. 5-gallon pails

Additional Benefits

As a leader in the industry, we work hard to provide you with the highest quality products. Some of the things that set our overhead and vertical concrete repair products apart include:

  • Multi-use – Interior or exterior use
  • Excellent adhesion – To concrete surfaces and bond strength
  • Durable – Freeze-thaw resistant, Sulfate resistant, volume stable
  • Versatile – Applicable to virtually every vertical concrete application from featheredge to 4″
  • User-friendly – Self-curing, easy clean up with water
concrete repair  Overhead and Vertical Concrete Patch Repair 

Our overhead and vertical concrete mix is a great solution for a wide variety of applications. You can be sure that our repair is durable enough to withstand any condition!

How to Prepare Your Surface and Apply Vertical Concrete Mix

Although our concrete patch repair material has superior bonding agents, its strength is only as good as its application. Before using UNIQUE® Overhead & Vertical Concrete Repair Mortar, ensure the surface is properly prepared and then you can begin your concrete repair or refinishing job.

To Get Started with Overhead Concrete Repair, Follow Three Simple Steps


Inspect your concrete – The surface should be clean, sound, roughened, and free of grease, oil, coatings and other contaminants


Work from the bottom of the repair to the top – Firmly place UNIQUE® Overhead & Vertical Concrete Repair Mortar into the patch or on the surface area beginning from the base


Use layers – For deep-fill areas, apply a stiff mortar in layers to achieve your desired thickness

Reach Out to UNIQUE for More Information on Our Overhead and Vertical Concrete Repair

Our industry-leading lab works tirelessly to ensure we are developing the best overhead and vertical concrete mix. We are here to provide you with the highest quality solutions! Interested in a high-performance concrete mix? Contact us to learn more about our concrete repair materials for outstanding vertical and overhead repairs. Our team of experts will help your find the optimal solution for you!

When it comes to repairing overhead or vertical concrete surfaces, not all concrete repair materials will work. UNIQUE overhead & vertical concrete repair mortar is a premium material for use in vertical and overhead concrete patch repair applications because it offers superior no-sag bonding that is polymer modified. For more information, browse our resource library below for product information, safety data sheets and more.

UNIQUE® Overhead & Vertical Repair Mortar Data Sheet

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UNIQUE® Overhead & Vertical Repair Mortar Material SDS

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UNIQUE® is a registered trademark of UNIQUE Paving Materials Corp.

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