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UPM® Cold Mix Asphalt Repair material is guaranteed to permanently repair potholes and outlast the surrounding pavement. Our asphalt pothole repair material is installed in 3 easy steps.

Upon compaction, the aggregate and asphalt interlock, making the pothole repair stable enough for immediate traffic. The surface of the pothole patch will cure to the hardness of the surrounding pavement. UPM mix below the surface will cure at a very slow rate, depending upon the depth of the patch.

UPM Mix vs. Other Asphalt Pothole Repair Products

Most other cold mix pothole repair products cure very quickly, causing the patch to be rigid and inflexible. Traffic loads, weather, and normal expansion and contraction will cause regular cold mix pothole patch to fail, as it cannot adhere to the change in roadway conditions. The pothole patch material will not stay in the pothole.

However, the slow curing nature of Cold Mix Asphalt Repair allows the patch to move with the pavement during weathering, expansion and contraction, and load-bearing. UPM Cold Mix Asphalt Repair is engineered to continually “grab” and adhere to the walls and base of the pothole. This flexibility of the material is why UNIQUE guarantees that UPM mix will stay in the hole, unlike all other cold patch asphalt pothole repair products on the market.

The coverage rate of UPM mix equals approximately 10 pounds per square foot at 1-inch depth, so a five-foot square hole, 1-inch deep, would use one 50-pound bag of UPM mix. For anything deeper than 2 inches, we recommend installing UPM mix in 2-inch thick lifts, with compaction of each lift, for the most effective pothole repair.