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It’s the first day of Pothole Season. Are you ready?

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When pothole season hits, a fresh pile of “The Good Stuff” is ready for you!

UPM Cold Mix Asphalt Repair Material has been used to permanently repair more potholes than any cold asphalt mix or cold patch in the pavement repair industry.

pothole repair

UPM Permanent Pavement Repair Materials is a cold patch asphalt mix that can be used by municipalities, contractors and business owners to fill potholes and repair roads. Cold patch asphalt is a preferred method for patching potholes today because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any heavy machinery. In fact, all you need is a shovel and a tamping tool. Another benefit of our cold mix asphalt patch is that it can be used year round on highways, roads, driveways, and more. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – UPM Cold Asphalt Repair Material keeps on working and stays workable!

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UNIQUE Pavement Preservation Process

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Is UNIQUE’s pavement repair and preservation solution right for you?

Need more than just a temporary fix? Check out this new ad we just ran that shows our UNIQUE Pavement Preservation Process using UPM® mix for the holes, KOLD-FLO® crack filler for the cracks, and RAVEL CHECK® rejuvenating liquid to cover it all.

UNIQUE’s pavement repair and preservation system is the solution to your problem!

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Early Freeze in 2014 Means More Potholes in 2015

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Across the United States, November temperatures were at an all-time low. Many states faced the coldest temperatures they’d felt in years. Along with the cold air came record breaking amounts of snow, with Buffalo, NY capping out at 88 inches or just over 7 feet. Even stranger than the nationwide record lows, though, is the increase in temperatures for December. Though a warmer December may sound like good news to many, it spells trouble for road conditions.

pothole repair

Repeated spells of cold and warm do serious damage to roads, creating need for asphalt repair. Referred to as the freeze-thaw cycle, water freezes and expands inside of cracks in the road and forms more cracks. When temperatures warm up, water running through the cracks and vehicles driving over the weak pavement will create a pothole. So, multiple fluctuating winter temperatures can lead to costly road damage.

Some contributing factors include:

• Weight of vehicles on road
• Pre-existing conditions
• Pavement age
• Snow and ice removal methods

This year may mirror last year’s winter weather and the subsequent damage done to roads. Plus, the unprecedented colds in southern areas will create poor road conditions that will affect more areas of the country than usual. This damage affects cities and individuals alike. Asphalt repair is very costly for municipalities to fix, especially because they often become repeat jobs that need repaired multiple times. For drivers, potholes are more than just annoying. The can rack up hundreds of dollars worth of damage to tires and tire rims.

Ultimately, the best solution to winter road damage is an asphalt repair product that can last through years of freeze-thaw cycle damage. Learn more about Unique Paving Material’s cold mix asphalt repair solutions, which can be applied during winter weather.

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Photographers Turn Potholes Into Funny Scenes

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After a rough winter like we’ve seen this year, there are plenty of huge potholes cropping up on streets across the country . . . and as we all know, it can sometimes take city workers a while to patch those craters that can wreak havoc on your car.  We’ve written before on our blog about what causes potholes . . . but how should you deal with them while you’re waiting for the city to fix them?

Well, photographers Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca put together a hilarious series of staged pictures of people in several big cities using potholes for some funny and imaginative purposes.  They went to Toronto, Montreal, New York and Los Angeles to take pictures of residents utilizing the potholes for unusual things such as eating spaghetti, giving their dogs a bath, and chilling champagne.

pothole repair

Photo Credit: Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca

Here at Unique Paving Materials, we’re proud to produce pothole repair products that help municipalities and homeowners patch asphalt holes quickly . . . but we were pretty impressed by these unique pothole photos.  So, what do you think . . . are the potholes on your city streets suitable for eating spaghetti out of?  Or can you think of even better ways to make use of the holes in your streets before they are patched up?


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Potholes in Asphalt Streets and Driveways: What Causes Them?

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potholePotholes are a problem that cities and homeowners across the country have experienced on both streets and driveways.  Pothole repair is something that municipalities budget money toward every year, and it seems like potholes develop even on paved streets that don’t have much traffic.  What causes potholes, exactly?

New potholes usually start to show up on streets right around the start of springtime.  The reasons why potholes form have a lot to do with weather and how roads are constructed.

Most streets are layered, with the bottom layer consisting of gravel and packed dirt to allow snow and rain to drain properly.  The bottom layers of a street are usually covered with asphalt, which is able to repel water and re-direct it to the side of the road or into drains.  But asphalt repairs are a consistent requirement for every city, since weather and traffic put a constant strain on streets.

Potholes are caused by a constant hot-cold-hot-cold temperature change and regular stress on asphalt streets from traffic flow.  These combine to create small cracks in the asphalt, which lets dirt and water from rain and snow to get into the gravel and dirt underneath.  This water then freezes, and we all know what happens to water when it’s frozen: it expands.  The expanding ice leaves a hole when it melts, and the asphalt overhead collapses into the hole (which is made worse by continued traffic).

Unique Paving Materials is proud to supply municipalities and homeowners with the best pothole repair material available: UPM® Cold Mix.  UPM’s proprietary cold asphalt additives and stringent quality control procedures ensure that you get a pavement repair solution that outlasts the surrounding pavement over 90% of the time.

As long as we have roads and driveways, we’re going to have potholes.  But with Unique Paving Materials products, pothole repair is less time-consuming, more permanent, and more effective.


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