pavement preservation in the northwest

Paving in the Northwest can be a hassle because of the particularly wet climate. Trying to work around rain, snow, and general humidity can be tricky for pavement repairs. Luckily, UNIQUE® Paving Materials has pavement preservation and concrete patching solutions to fit any problem the Northwest throws your way.

Key Products

These products are proven to work well in the Northwest region:

UPM® Cold Mix: UPM® Cold Mix asphalt repair is a cold patch asphalt mix that is easy to use and effective in any asphalt repair situation. One of the best benefits is that it is adjusted to work year round and can be stockpiled for use throughout the year as needed. No need to go through the process of using HMA, or worry about wet weather hampering its performance. Learn More…

KOLD-FLO® Asphalt Crack Filler: KOLD-FLO® crack filler is a pourable crack filler that requires no heating or special preparation. It’s a modified crack filler that prevents cracks from becoming potholes by sealing against the freezing and thawing cycles prevalent in the Northwest climate. Learn More…

INTEGRA-SEAL® Asphalt Based Sealer: INTEGRA-SEAL® sealer is UNIQUE’s asphalt-based sealer that protects aging asphalt in an environmentally-friendly way. It is a non-coal tar based sealer that can be used straight from the container, or with water and sand to gain extended coverage. Learn More…

These Municipalities Choose UNIQUE®

UNIQUE proudly gives paving solutions to these counties – and more – in the Northwest. Click the links to see case studies and learn more!

Chelan County, WA
This study compares UNIQUE’s UPM®’s seasonal winter mix to a competitor’s mix. UPM’s lasted longer, was easier to use, and fit the climate conditions of the county.

Vancouver, WA
A gas station in Vancouver, WA needed a pothole filling solution after others failed when hit with a typical day of rain. UNIQUE’s UPM®’s Cold Mix was able to fill the pothole without removing the water that was filling it, and was still in great condition after a year of wear and tear.

Want to see more of UPM® cold mix in action? Check out how our UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material holds up underwater?

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