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UPM used in “Crocodile Cracking Cap” application

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Demonstrating UPM® in Low Volume traffic and Mixed Load.

Install Conditions: Dry Above 40ºF

Pavement Conditions: severe cracking

Installation Date: April 29, 2011

Time Elapsed: 2 Years

Location: Croydon, NH, Brighton Road

UPM used in new application.   “Crocodile Cracking Cap” effectively stopped progression of severe cracking where cracks are too dense to use a crack-filler. UPM has no sidewall to bond with; however, the adhesion properties enable solid repair with tapered edges.

Pavement repair done by Unique Paving Materials

Install of Crocodile Cap

Covering pavement with UNIQUE repair material

Cap 2 Weeks Later

Unique Paving Materials Pavement progress

Cap 8 Months Later

Finished pavement completed by Unique Paving Materials

Cap 2 Years Later