North America is a vast and diverse area, with different regions facing different climates and weather events than people across the continent. Paving repair and upkeep can seem tricky in some climates, and many companies do not make products that are adaptable to whatever season it is.

UNIQUE® Paving Materials fixes what other companies can’t. By testing and perfecting our mixes across the country, our asphalt repair products are above the rest for their adaptability and ease of use.

To explore how our products fare all across the country, check out our regional solutions pages below, or visit our resource gallery to see more case studies.

Solutions by Location


Canada is a rich and diverse country with all sorts of weather patterns. Finding a solution to fit these diverse challenges can be difficult, but UNIQUE® Paving Materials has pavement solutions for any and all situations. Learn More…

Central Plains

In an area that experiences all 4 seasons over the year, there is no one solution for pavement repairs. Many mixes are not adaptable enough for the changing weather. Luckily, no matter what the weather pattern, UNIQUE® Paving Materials has pavement preservation and repair solutions to fit any challenge the Central Plans face. Learn More…


The Midwest, with its expansion from East to West, has some states that experience wet and cool climates with others having arid and warm climates. This diversity can be difficult to plan for, but UNIQUE® Paving Materials can do it. With specialized compounds that are resistant to weather damage, UNIQUE®’s solutions keep the Midwest’s pavement safe. Learn More…


In one of the highest traffic areas in the country, with cold and harsh winters every year, the Northeast is a prime area for pavement cracking, potholes and more. UNIQUE® has solutions to fix these damages or to even prevent them before they happen. Learn More…


The Northwest has one of the highest average rainfall measurements of anywhere on the continent, which can make pavement repairs difficult. Some mixes are difficult to apply in wet conditions and may not set properly. UNIQUE® Paving Materials has tried and true mixes that are adapted to work in whatever weather condition there is. Learn More…


The Southeastern region has a varying range of weather trends. States further north have changing seasons that are drastically different from one another, while the southernmost states might never see snow. Keeping up with repairs can be tricky without pavement solutions that are adaptable to this versatile climate. Luckily, UNIQUE® Paving Materials has adaptable solutions. Learn More…


As the hottest and driest region in the United States, the Southwest has a host of unique pavement issues caused by intense heat. UNIQUE has pavement preservation materials to fit any pavement problems your Southwestern municipality faces. Learn More…

North American pavement preservation solutions


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