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Asphalt Repair Products

asphalt repair products

Performance Now… and Down the Road.

It’s our motto. And a code we live by at UNIQUE Paving Materials.

Since 1959, innovation and quality control have propelled us to a leading position in the road maintenance and pavement repair industry, with products that save our customers time. And money. And repeated repairs. And now, even green pavement repair initiatives are part of UNIQUE’s arsenal of asphalt repair products, as well as pavement repair and preservation solutions.

Please select a product from the list below to learn more. Then contact us to get started with UNIQUE. You can also request a free sample of our many fine asphalt and concrete repair materials to see for yourself why we are “UNIQUE” in the road maintenance industry.

Concrete Repair Products

Browse our lineup of high quality cement, concrete and mortar patching repair products.

Unique Paving Materials doesn’t just make asphalt repair and pavement preservation products . . . we also manufacture a line of high-quality patch and repair products for concrete. We’re proud of the number of concrete and mortar patching and repair products we’ve created for many scenarios and applications!

Plus, our UNIQUE® concrete formulations allow you to mix and match our products to your specific need. For example, you want a polymer modified product but need a quicker set time? Add some UNIQUE® High-Performance Fast Set Mortar (25%) to UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Polymer Modified Mortar (75%) and you now have a polymer modified concrete repair material with an initial set of approximately one hour.