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Need a Basement Wall Patch? UNIQUE Paving Materials Has Got You Covered

basement wall cracks

When it comes to your basement walls, leakage and seepage issues are more common than most homeowners would like to hear. As springtime approaches, snow and ice begins to melt, compromising the materials of your basement and causing damage. Heavy rain can also destroy the materials in your walls, so it’s important to get a basement wall patch to repair the walls easily and safely.  

A Few Things to Know About Basement Wall Cracks

It is essential to stay on top of basement wall cracks to reduce the chances the rest of your house will be susceptible to cracks. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Horizontal cracks are more severe because they are caused by lateral pressure from the soil and may cause the basement wall to bow out.

  • Diagonal cracks that run from the top of the basement to the floor are caused by soil pressure. Other diagonal cracks could be caused by the foundation settling and concrete shrinkage.

  • Vertical cracks are caused by shrinkage of materials, wall movement, and tipping walls. When combined with other cracks, they can be a real problem.

  • Floor cracks aren’t typically something to be concerned with, but the one time they pose a threat is when they cause displacement at the crack or align with wall cracks. These instances indicate water pressure from a damaged sump pump or drain tile.

Most of the time, cracks change and go unnoticed, but they are important to stay on top off. Seasonality changes can cause a major threat to your concrete and basement walls.

UNIQUE Paving Materials has a quality POSTCRETE GROUT/WS® product to act as your concrete wall crack filler. Our product will help take the worry off your hands! Learn more about our concrete repair mortar.

About Our Concrete Wall Crack Filler

POSTCRETE-GROUT/WS® Hydraulic Cement is hydraulic cement blended with proprietary ingredients and is a premium material when it comes to concrete wall crack filler because it offers superior bonding. You need great bonding strength and quick sealing when it comes to your basement wall patch, and our hydraulic cement achieves a strong, smooth repair job without shrinking, running, or cracking.

Additional benefits to our hydraulic cement include:

  • Quality adhesion – Excellent bond strength
  • Durable – Freeze-thaw resistant, sulfate resistant, and volume stable
  • Versatile – Applicable to virtually any vertical concrete application
  • User-friendly – Easy to clean up and self-curing

How to Prepare Your Surface and Apply Our Hydraulic Cement

Our material has superior bonding agents, but only acts as well as the application. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Inspect concrete – Clean your surface, making sure that it’s free of grease, oil, coatings, and other contaminants.

  • Work from the bottom to the top – Place UNIQUE POSTCRETE GROUT/WS® in the patch or on the surface beginning from the base.

  • Use layers – Apply a stiff mortar in layers to achieve the desired thickness and fill in deep areas.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Concrete Wall Crack Filler for Basement Walls

When it comes to basement wall patch, you need a reliable solution to ensure your cracks are properly filled. UNIQUE Paving Materials has the product for you!

Contact us today for more information about how our outstanding repair materials can help. We are ready to find you the best solutions!

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