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Drafty Pipes are No Match for UNIQUE Water Stop!

UNIQUE® Water Stop is a great and versatile product. Water Stop can be used for more than just stopping active and underwater cracks or leaks! Just ask us at UNIQUE!

We noticed our conference room was feeling rather drafty during the recent cold spell.

After some investigation, we realized the cause was due to gaping holes around some exposed pipe! Lucky for us, we have plenty of UNIQUE Water Stop in stock to solve the problem.

After mixing the amount of UNIQUE Water Stop necessary for the repair, cardboard was used as a backer base for the patch.

Water stop was placed around the repair until it completely sealed the hole.

Pipe Causing Hole in Wall
The hole where the pipe was coming through

UNIQUE Water Stop
UNIQUE Water Stop should be a putty consistency for placement

Working the UNIQUE Water Stop into the repair
Working the Water Stop into the repair

Finished Repair
Finished Repair
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