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Once a quarter, we present our Pavement Preservation Award to a local government entity whose road preservation efforts have protected taxpayer dollars and the environment.

We’re serious about encouraging smart pavement practices that result in less waste, more durable roads, and a cleaner environment. Everyone wins when government entities focus on pavement preservation. Not only is our environment protected due to reduced use of paving materials and equipment, but less taxpayer money is spent on road repairs.

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Each winner of our quarterly Pavement Preservation Award will receive a plaque, a mention on our Unique Paving Materials blog, and a free [bag, tote, drum of specific pavement repair product]. Winning the Pavement Preservation Award is a great way to show your constituents and taxpayers that their local government is dedicated to protecting their money and the environment.

The Pavement Preservation Award is open for entry to any townships, cities, counties or other local government entities in the Unites States of America. You DO NOT have to use Unique Paving Materials products in order to win! To enter, just fill out the simple form below.

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