When repairing pavement or potholes with UNIQUE’s award-winning, best-in-industry UPM® High-Performance Cold Mix Asphalt Repair Material, you can make those repairs even faster and easier by using the STIFFWITCH® broom for road repair.

Similarly, if you’re filling and sealing cracks in asphalt or concrete with UNIQUE’s KOLD-FLO® Asphalt Crack Filler, the STIFFWITCH broom leaves no debris unturned for a perfect sealing and filling operation every time.

The STIFFWITCH broom, sometimes known as a road broom, is a tool specially designed for removing debris from cracks, potholes, and damaged areas of asphalt and concrete pavement and infrastructure. A completely clean and debris-free repair field is always necessary for the best fill and adhesion with UNIQUE’s pavement preservation and pothole repair products. The strong, durable STIFFWITCH broom makes that clean and debris-free repair zone completely possible on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.

  • Polypropylene bristles for rugged, flexible sweeping and excavating on asphalt & concrete
  • Round broom head design allows STIFFWITCH broom to penetrate narrow holes and cracks
  • The STIFFWITCH broom handle is long enough to make sweep-outs comfortable
  • Available individually or in bulk quantities
  • Very durable construction and materials for road repair solutions

STIFFWITCH® road repair broom is available exclusively from UNIQUE Paving Materials

Contact Unique Paving Materials to order the STIFFWITCH broom for your pavement preservation & pothole repair projects.

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