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The Industry Standard in High-Performance Cold Mix

UPM® High Performance Cold Mix Product Resources

UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material is high performance cold mix asphalt repair that can be used by municipalities, contractors and home owners to fill potholes year-round. For more information, browse our resource library below for product data sheets, safety data sheets and more.

UPM® Cold Mix Data Sheet

This contains the cold, hard facts about our Cold Mix solution including benefits, limitations, usage instructions, and more.

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UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material SDS

Information about hazards, product classification, and special precautions to take while applying.

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UPM® Liquid Blend – Ambient SDS

Safety data sheet for the Liquid Blend variation of UPM® Cold Mix.

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UPM® Liquid Blend – Above Ambient SDS

Hazard information and specifications for the Above Ambient variation.

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 UPM® Mix Bid Specifications

Detailed information about the production and testing of UPM® Mix, including laboratory heating ranges, final product analysis, and product guarantee.

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UPM® Questions and Answers Sheet

Common questions and answers about UPM® Cold Mix, such as “Why is UPM® mix better than others?

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