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Due to driving and parking, curbs really take a beating day in and day out. From chipping to cracking to materials becoming broken, there’s a lot that goes wrong, and UNIQUE Paving Materials has developed premium products for concrete and asphalt curb repair to address problems. Fix your curbs by implementing our products to improve safety and boost the appearance of your curb. Find solutions that you are able to depend on for all of your asphalt curb repairs and concrete curb repairs.

When it comes to your asphalt and concrete curb repair needs, UNIQUE Paving Materials wants to help your curbs look their best! We have all of the necessary products for you to complete your asphalt curb repair or your concrete curb repair. Learn more about all of our products that you can use for each material below.

Asphalt Curb Repair Products

Are you searching for products for your asphalt curb repair? We know that these repairs take time, which is why we have developed asphalt curb repair products that are quick and easy to implement. We have a variety of products for you to use for your repairs, which include:

  • UPM® Cold Mix – This product ensures that you are receiving an asphalt patch solution that will outlast the surrounding pavement over 90% of the time. UPM Cold Mix is easy to use and is able to withstand all weather conditions.

  • KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite-Modified Pourable Crack Filler – This modified crack filler and asphalt sealer is ideal for your asphalt curb repair efforts due to being cost-effective and fast-curing. Safe and easy to use, this product does not require heating, special equipment, or training to use.

  • MICROMIX® Mini Cold Mix – Designed for smaller, detailed asphalt repair needs, this repair mix provides coverage of narrow and complex asphalt cracks. Ensure proper bonding and extend the lifecycle of your curb with MICROMIX Mini Cold Mix.

Learn more about our asphalt curb repair products and why UNIQUE Paving Materials is the premier choice for all your asphalt curb repair needs.

Concrete Curb Repair Products

Looking for dependable products for your concrete curb repair? UNIQUE Paving Materials has a variety of concrete curb repair products to meet your needs and extend your concrete’s lifespan. Our products are designed to be effective and efficient with every implementation. Learn more about each of our products to assist with your concrete curb repair:

  • UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Repair Mortar – Perfect for concrete patching and repair, this product is non-shrink, easy to use, and a volume-stable mortar. Our repair mortar helps you get the job done the first time.

  • UNIQUE® High-Performance Concrete Repair Mortar – Designed as a versatile concrete repair mortar, this concrete curb repair product is a blend of hydraulic cement, graded silica sand, and performance-enhancing additives. Our high-performance, fast-set mortar will deliver bond strength, rapid drying, and durability for your curb repair.

  • UNIQUE POSTCRETE GROUT WS® Hydraulic Cement – The UNIQUE Paving Materials hydraulic cement is perfect for the use of patching mortar joints, cracks, and holes for your curb. Learn more about the benefits of this product and why you should apply it to your concrete curb repair.

UNIQUE Paving Materials is your trusted source for concrete curb repair products, so be sure to discover more about our line of concrete patching products.

General Guide for Concrete and Asphalt Curb Repair

The process of asphalt and concrete curb repair is relatively similar, with only a few differences. Some of the general steps included in concrete and asphalt curb repair include:

  • Assessment – Carefully and thoroughly assess the extent of the damage. Keep an eye out for cracks, spalling, and uneven surfaces that would need to be repaired.
  • Surface preparation – Remove any dirt, debris, and loose asphalt or concrete from the damaged area. This can be done utilizing a broom or air compressor. Additionally, a wire brush or pressure washer can be used to ensure a clean and dirt-free surface.
  • Application – After the surface is cleared, it is then time to utilize one of the UNIQUE Paving Materials asphalt curb repair products or concrete curb repair products. Ensure that the product is distributed evenly and that the directions are thoroughly read and followed throughout the application process.
  • Curing – Depending on the asphalt or concrete curb repair product that you’re using, it is crucial to follow the directions for curing time. Curing time allows the product to settle, ensuring the asphalt or concrete is safe for traffic or heavy loads.

By following the steps listed above, you can efficiently perform concrete and asphalt curb repairs. Not only will this process restore your structures’ functionalities, but it will enhance their aesthetic appeal.

FAQs on Asphalt and Concrete Curb Repair

Maintaining the integrity and visual appearance of pavements is extremely important and asphalt curb repair plays a big role in that. Over time, curbs can experience significant wear and tear causing the need for repairs and continued upkeep.

Some frequently asked questions on concrete curb repair and concrete curb repair products include the following.

Why is curb repair necessary?

There are many factors that can impact the structural integrity of asphalt and concrete curbs, including environmental effects, heavy traffic, and more, all of which can lead to cracks, potholes, and deterioration.

Regular curb maintenance and repair can prevent accidents, extend the lifespan of your structures, and enhance the curb appeal of your property.

How do you identify the need for asphalt curb repair?

There can be a variety of indicators that asphalt and concrete curb repair is needed. Keeping a close eye on the composition and appearance of curbs is integral to maintaining the health of the structures.

Some factors to look out for include:

  • Cracks
  • Fissures
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Changes in color
  • Texture changes
  • Water pooling
  • Drainage issues

What are common causes of concrete curb damage?

One of the leading causes of curb damage is freeze-thaw cycles that lead to concrete or asphalt cracking. Additionally, the regular presence of heavy vehicles and equipment causes great stress to the structures. Lastly, environmental factors such as chemicals or vegetation growth can also lead to deterioration.

Are there specialized products for asphalt and concrete curb repair?

Utilizing the right concrete curb repair product is very important in creating durability and resistance to weathering. As outlined above, UNIQUE Paving Materials provides a wide variety of concrete and asphalt curb repair products that will get the job done.

About Your Dedicated Asphalt Curb Repair Product Supplier

UNIQUE Paving Materials has been a dedicated, leading provider of pavement maintenance materials for over 50 years. At UNIQUE, quality and service count, which is what continues to allow us to stand out within the industry.

We offer products for your concrete curb repairs that are not difficult to implement, and ones which are proven to help you save time, money, and repeated repair work. We provide our products for nearly every application without excluding any region or climate.

Our Dedication to Quality Repair Products

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we continue to focus on offering the highest quality of products for all your asphalt and concrete repair needs. We ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality by implementing strict quality control procedures that are followed for every product that UNIQUE Paving Materials offers.

Learn more about our industry-leading lab and our experienced field support that allows us to be dedicated to ensuring quality control with all of our asphalt curb repair products.

Contact UNIQUE Paving Materials for Your Curb Repair Products

Are you ready to purchase some of our products for your asphalt or concrete curb repair? Get started with us today on your curb repair and learn why our products are nationally recognized and allow your asphalt and concrete to last.

To learn more about our products, or for assistance in choosing which are best for your curb repair, contact us today! Our experienced team is looking forward to assisting you with your project and curb repair needs.

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