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Asphalt Repair Materials for Municipalities, Counties & More

“We have been using your UPM® cold mix material for about 2 years now and have had great success with it. I would like to thank you for such a good product at a reasonable cost.” – James D. Wood, Crew Leader, City of Joshua, TX Public Works

UNIQUE Paving Materials is a proud supplier of high-quality pavement and asphalt repair products to municipalities and other government entities across the United States of America.  We’ve helped cities, counties and towns with their road repair needs for many years, and our paving materials have played a role in the maintenance of countless asphalt streets around the country.

Pothole Patching Repair

Whether you work for a city that needs street patching material to repair potholes or a county government that needs to pave township roads, UNIQUE Paving Materials has you covered.

We have experience working with city street departments and county engineers to make sure that you get the right amount of material to complete repair projects done as efficiently as possible.  Our products save taxpayer dollars, because they’re made to last longer.  And our environmentally-friendly options will make your residents happy with the job you do for them.

Pavement Preservation Solutions Across North America

Want to see some examples of municipalities and regions that have used our materials for their pavement and street repair needs?  Check out our Regional Breakdown, which highlights how we’ve provided asphalt repair solutions across the nation with case studies from local government road projects that used our products.

UNIQUE Paving Materials has the quality materials, experience and prices that you’re looking for.  Regardless of the asphalt pavement repair needs that your town, city or county has, we’re looking forward to helping you.  Contact us today to get more information about how UNIQUE® asphalt and concrete repair materials can make your street and road repair projects a success.