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What Is Shallow Pavement and How Can You Fix It?

What Is Shallow Pavement and How Can You Fix It?

Paved surfaces become damaged due to several factors like climate, traffic, regular wear and tear, and other aspects. While this is unavoidable, it’s important to be aware of pavement damage early on to prevent costly repairs and maintain exceptional public safety.

Whether you are fixing one shallow asphalt patch or working on repairing large pavement surfaces, UNIQUE Paving Materials is your premier choice for asphalt repair material companies.

Concrete and asphalt damage types will vary depending on where you’re located in the country and how heavily a particular area is trafficked. Continue reading to learn more about shallow asphalt patches and shallow pavements, and how UNIQUE Paving Materials has all that you need to repair your pavements.

What Is Shallow Pavement Repair?

Shallow pavement repair is the construction or renovation of a surface that provides sufficient bearing capacity. Many of these shallow pavement surfaces only require repairs every 5-7 years, while others require much more consistent maintenance.

Making sure your pavements are in good condition is essential. Overall, understanding what shallow pavement repairs require and the steps to take can result in major benefits. Not only will these surfaces maintain a more aesthetic appearance over time, but they will be safe for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

How to Conduct Shallow Pavement Repair

Repairing the same roads and potholes repeatedly is extremely frustrating and expensive. Our team at UNIQUE Paving Materials is fully aware of this, and we work hard to offer the right steps for clients and materials that keep working in all weather conditions. Whether you’re facing snowing and ice, heavy rain, or extreme heat, we guarantee our formulas will get the job done.

Repairing shallow pavements can be completed by taking the following steps.

  1. First, identify the damages
  2. Next, start a mockup or practice project first
  3. Ensure that you’re working on clean and dry pavement
  4. Make sure that all parts are compact and filled
  5. Obtain the proper tools for your concrete repair
  6. Choose the products that are best suited for your repair type

About Our Shallow Asphalt Patch Repairs

Repairing shallow asphalt patches can be a very important factor to consider when weighing your options for improvements. Our team of dedicated chemical engineers delivers scientifically tested formulas that are improved by shallow asphalt patches. Benefits include:

  • Helping reduce future potholes and unwanted road damage
  • Materials that hold up over time in all-weather conditions
  • Eliminating the costs associated with repeated repairs
  • Improving the safety and appearance of city streets
  • Requiring no primer or tacking materials
  • Allowing roads to be used immediately after repair

Benefits of UNIQUE’s Shallow Asphalt Patch Repair Products

We have a team of experts who are consistently researching, testing, and developing new products and techniques for shallow pavement repairs.

We work hard to give customers peace of mind in knowing that our products are high strength and long lasting. Our team carries a wide variety of products to address shallow pavement repairs, and some of their benefits include:

  • Year-round use
  • Seasonal grades with specific formulations
  • All-weather application
  • No mixing required
  • Ready-to-use formula with no primer or tacking materials needed prior to patching

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we have been providing solutions to a variety of road maintenance services like shallow asphalt patches for durability and adaptability for over 60 years. Our solutions are suited for each season and weather condition, regardless of region or climate.

Contact Us for Shallow Pavement Repairs

If you are interested in learning more about shallow pavement repair or buying materials, be sure to reach out to our team today!

Shallow Pavement Repair Case Study

UPM®, Permanent Pavement Repair Material
Demonstrating UPM® for NH DOT District 2
Install Conditions: Dry Above 40ºF
Pavement Conditions: Shallow Repair
Installation Date: June 14, 2010
Time Elapsed: 19 Months
Location: Rumney, NH, Route 25 (Eastbound Lane)

UPM® is produced with ¼” Aggregate making it ideally suited for scabs or areas where the top coarse has delaminated.

shallow pavement case study


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