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The Many Uses of Hydraulic Cement

Hydraulic cement

With its initial creation dating back to the Roman Empire, hydraulic cement is a versatile material that is still utilized in a variety of applications today. So if you are wondering how you can apply this high-quality and long-lasting mixture to your next project, our team at UNIQUE Paving Materials has the definitive answers for you.

Learn more from our informational guide on hydraulic cement, as well as how the material can be used in your applications.

What Is Hydraulic Cement?

Hydraulic cement is a type of powder cement that hardens when mixed with water. It is also mostly comprised of alite, belite, celite, and brownmillerite, creating a durable aggregate. The primary application of hydraulic cement is to plug existing holes, as well as prevent additional leaks in areas with more consistent water exposure.

How Does Hydraulic Cement Work?

Known for its quick hardening capabilities, hydraulic cement’s four crucial components contribute to the overall versatility and adherent strength of the product. Belite and alite strengthen the material when it hardens, and the celite and brownmillerite help keep the material as a liquid before water is added.

Once you apply hydraulic cement to your cracks, it should dry in as little as three minutes. It is also important to note that hydraulic cement does not shrink during the curing process, but actually slightly expands. This process will ensure that your crack is fully filled, leaving no room for possible leakage after application.

Why Is Hydraulic Cement Important?

Hydraulic cement can be incredibly important for your project due to its various uses and applications. For example, hydraulic cement can be used in both wet or dry conditions, as well as above and below ground depending on your needs. It is also incredibly resistant to certain chemicals and heat, and durable enough that it can even be applied underwater!

5 Uses of Hydraulic Cement

Because of its versatility, hydraulic cement can be used for numerous projects both large and small. That is why our team has compiled a list to highlight just some of them for you.


It is not uncommon to see cracks begin to form in your foundation over time. This can be due to the natural shifts in your foundation, or even possible water damage from drastic temperature changes. These aspects can be some of the leading sources of inherent cracks and leaks in your foundation.

If you happen to see cracks in the foundation of your home, whether on the floors, walls, or elsewhere, it may be time to invest in some hydraulic cement for a durable yet quick fix.


Fountains are susceptible to pressure from the inside of the structure. If not properly taken care of over time, your fountain can crack or leak from the inside out. These cracks can also affect and potentially contaminate your cistern if it happens to be stored underground, which can also affect the quality of the water in the fountain going forward or even break the fountain altogether. That is why we recommend applying hydraulic cement to smaller cracks before the risk becomes more severe.

Drainage Systems

Depending on the material used for the piping, drainage systems have a lifespan that should be monitored closely. Along with their lifespans being a concern, outside factors, such as tree roots, can penetrate drainage systems, causing more issues down the line, like water blockage or pipe leakage.

By using hydraulic cement, you can ensure that only the pipes of your drainage system will need to be replaced over time because of the durable cement barrier blocking your pipes from possible external factors.


Water pressure is the main source of cracks and leaks in a swimming pool. Such fissures can occur when the overall weight of the water overwhelms the foundation of the pool itself, essentially causing the underlying pavement to crack under the pressure.

Another reason that cracks can occur in your swimming pool is the foundation settling underneath the pool. These natural shifts can cause cracks to form that can lead to much larger issues if not fixed. If you happen to see a crack in your pool, know that you can apply your hydraulic cement solution to it without having to drain the pool.


Just like how the foundation of your home or pool can settle, your chimney can also settle over time, leaving cracks if not properly assessed and fixed. Chimneys are also prone to water leakage due to damage to the clay flue liner.

Clay flue liners are known to expand and contract as they consistently heat up and cool down from chimney use. From there, cracks can appear, leading to water seepage and further issues if not addressed.

In these cases, hydraulic cement can be used to fix vertical cracks within your liner. But if you are dealing with numerous or deep cracks in the lining of your chimney, it may be time to consider if you want to replace your clay flue liner with a metal liner instead.

The Hydraulic Cement Solution from UNIQUE Paving Materials

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we offer definitive pavement repair solutions to satisfy your application needs. This includes our POSTCRETE GROUT/WS® Hydraulic Cement, which is best known to stop any running water or seepage through holes in cracks in your vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Some of the main benefits of our POSTCRETE GROUT/WS® Hydraulic Cement include the following:

  • 3–5-minute set time
  • Rapid strength development
  • Stops water even when under pressure
  • Can be top coated in 24 hours
  • Freeze-thaw and sulfate resistant
  • Cement gets stronger as water tries to penetrate the repair
  • User-friendly and easy to clean up

Plus, if you are looking for other pavement repair materials for more specialized projects, our team has you covered. Here are just some of the products from UNIQUE Paving Materials that we would recommend for you:

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