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The Environmentally Friendly Impact of Concrete Floors

The Environmentally Friendly Impact of Concrete Floors

For as much as the Earth provides for us, it’s only right that we make an effort to give back. Luckily for us, many individuals, families, companies, and organizations have taken an active role in being more environmentally friendly, whether it is through recycling, reducing carbon emissions, or using alternative sources of power.

With that in mind, when it comes to learning about concrete flooring and how it provides versatility, longevity, and practicality to a given space, our team at UNIQUE Paving Materials wants to inform you of the numerous environmental benefits that the material itself provides.

How Concrete Floors Give Back

Made from readily available and natural substances, concrete is one of the most abundant building materials that can be purchased today. With characteristics that improve air quality, regulate temperatures, and even reduce overall waste, concrete floors can be considered the optimal solution for those looking to play a small, but vital, part in the environmental preservation process. Best of all, concrete is usually already installed in homes and establishments, as it is regularly concealed under carpet or hardwood.

The numerous benefits of installing, refurbishing, and maintaining concrete floors, whether by yourself or by an outsourced group of experts, is outlined below. As a company with longstanding green initiatives, we want to utilize our knowledge on the matter to encourage individuals to practice executing environmentally friendly behaviors in their everyday tasks and simple concrete repairs.

Low Maintenance

Concrete is known to be a naturally durable material, so once it is installed and sealed, it will usually not stain or discolor with time and use. Because of this, you will not have to use harsh chemicals and cleaners to provide upkeep to its appearance, which also means you will not be disposing these chemicals back into the environment.


If properly cared for, concrete floors can last a lifetime. Additionally, concrete floors do not have to be consistently replaced following long-term use like hardwood floors or carpet do. This ultimately helps prevent the waste of materials, energy, and overall resources that would be used to design and manufacture new flooring or carpet continuously.


Instead of disposing the excess materials into a landfill, concrete has properties that make it a recyclable material. For example, if you were to break down concrete into smaller pieces, it can be reused for commercial-grade installations, such as residential construction products or even the substitute base layer of gravel roads.

On the other hand, if you wanted to use recycled concrete in larger pieces, you could reuse it as a barrier on shores, which then helps combat further erosion in the future.

Strengthened Air Quality

Since concrete is a hard, solid, and sound material, it is difficult for it to retain dust and other debris that can be accumulated with time and use. With that in mind, when those dirt, dust, and contaminants are collected, all they can really do is sit on top of the concrete, waiting for you to sweep them up.

As long as you maintain regular upkeep of your concrete floors, you will not have to worry about kicking dust into the air when navigating your space, ultimately improving overall air quality in your home or residence.

Heating and Cooling Properties

With the use of thermal energy, concrete can naturally be heated and cooled very easily. For this very reason, concrete can be used to naturally cool a home during the summer. Concurrently, depending on how much creative freedom you have within your space, you could strategically place windows in your home so the concrete is able to retain and provide natural heat during the winter.

In the long run, radiating natural heating and cooling initiatives can result in energy-efficient solutions for your space.

How Our Products Can Help You Preserve Our Earth

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we want to equip you with the resources so you can simply repair, resurface, or preserve your concrete. With industry-leading innovations, our diverse product line was created to reflect our main goal of providing environmentally friendly, do-it-yourself materials to our consumer base.

As a part of our Green Initiative, for example, we have pledged that our high-performance UPM® High-Performance Cold Mix does not contribute to overall volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. On top of that, our company continues to support and implement the following initiatives:

  • Complying fully with federal, state, and local environmental regulations and laws, including those that come in the form of executive orders
  • Considering the products that are being created, planned, and initiated, as well as the overall role they have on the planet
  • Continually training our employees on how to be environmentally friendly while on the job
  • Setting goals for performance regarding our environmental impact, and consistently conducting internal meetings to track those goals
  • Seeking to prevent pollution before it is produced by working with customers and suppliers in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Recognizing and further rewarding accomplishments, as well as taking corrective actions to continue to be environmentally conscious

To learn more about UNIQUE Paving Materials, as well as the products that we offer, please visit our about page.

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