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Prevent Pavement Disrepair with a Proper Emulsion Tack Coat

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Wondering where to buy asphalt tack coat? When applying asphalt pavement products, it is essential to use materials that ensure proper bonding and strength and reduce slippage, such as the UNIQUE Paving Materials Asphalt Emulsion Tack Coat.


We put all of our products through QC testing parameters to ensure that we are supplying you with the highest-quality asphalt tack coat.


About Asphalt Tack Coat

Flexible pavement features a prime coat and a tack coat within the structure of the pavement. Prime coats are found between the asphalt course and the crushed aggregate base course, or CABC. This coat serves to bind loose aggregates of CABC to facilitate the laying of an asphalt layer.


Meanwhile, the layer between the asphalt base course, or ABC, and the asphalt wearing course, or AWC, is referred to as the tack coat. Tack coats are also used in between layers of concrete deck slab and AWC.


Asphalt emulsion tack coats are designed to form a bond between the AWC and ABC (or concrete slab). If tack coats are not utilized, regular traffic will cause breaking of the AWC along with delamination of the surface lift. Because of this, tack coats are an essential component to applying pavement.


Additionally, poor tack coat can lead to pavement distresses such as fatigue cracking and potholes, making it all the more vital that you utilize an asphalt emulsion tack coat from a reputable source.


Apply our bitumen emulsion tack coat between layers of hot mix asphalt to promote bonding and help extend the life cycle of your pavement. When it comes to the asphalt industry, our team is dedicated to offering you the solutions you need.


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If you are looking for a reliable asphalt tack coat, UNIQUE Paving Materials is your source. Reach out to us with any questions regarding our asphalt emulsion tack coat or any of our other products. Also, we are here to help with any questions you may have when applying this product!

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Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 in

5-Gal Pail


5-Gal Pail




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