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Repairing a Pool Deck Yourself? Here’s What You Need to Know

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When it comes to having a pool in your backyard, it’s important to address any issues that may arise with frequent use of the pool itself, as well as the pavement surrounding it. This can include conducting various pool deck repairs, routine maintenance, and more.

Want to learn more about how to repair a pool deck? Then check out this informational guide from our team of experts at UNIQUE Paving Materials today.

What Is Causing My Need for a Pool Deck Repair?

There are several things that can lead to needing to repair a pool deck. Just some of those considerations include the following:

  • Freeze/thaw damage – Since concrete is a porous material, pieces of concrete can be prone to breaking off when water permeates the material’s surface and freezes and thaws.
  • Weak concrete – The consistency of your concrete mixture could be weak which can make it more susceptible to cracking over time. That could be because too much water was added to your mixture, causing the bond between the cement, aggregate, and water to be fragile.
  • Deicing salts – Commonly seen in areas that are affected by cold weather, deicing salts can release alkaline chemicals that can damage your concrete if consistently usedover time.
  • No reinforcement – Without a steel structure setting the foundation of your concrete, cracks can appear in your foundation, causing the need for a pool deck repair.

Additionally, if you do not seal the pavement surrounding your pool, these external factors can also weaken your pool deck over time:

  • Spilled drinks and sunscreen
  • Wet pool toys
  • Consistent foot traffic
  • Mold and mildew

Why Are Pool Deck Repairs Important?

It is important to repair a pool deck regularly in order to extend the life and use of your concrete. Routine maintenance of your pool deck can also ensure that your deck looks good, is safe to navigate, and is not too costly to repair in the long run.

Read on to learn more about the most common causes of pool deck repairs, as well as how to fix them.

How to Repair a Pool Deck – 3 Quick Fixes to Keep in Mind

Depending on the damage that has been caused to your pool deck, there are various solutions to follow for the best results. Here are the maintenance tips that we recommend depending on the problem at hand.

Hairline Cracks in Concrete

Smaller cracks in your pavement are generally quick and easy to fix once you initially recognize them. So when repairing a pool deck, our team at UNIQUE Paving Materials recommends using our UNIQUE® Concrete Pourable Crack Filler for the most fast-acting results. Here are quick steps to get you started:

  • Clear your crack of any excess weeds, water, and debris
  • Apply concrete crack filler to affected areas (multiple coats may be needed)
  • Allow a couple of minutes for the concrete filler to seep into the crack
  • With a U- or V-shaped squeegee, level the concrete filler into your crack
  • Let 24-48 hours pass for your crack to completely cure

Our concrete crack filler is the optimal choice for those wanting to know how to repair a pool deck that has smaller cracks in its foundation, as addressing smaller cracks can help prevent larger cracks from forming in the long run.

Larger Cracks in Concrete

Though multiple layers of our UNIQUE Concrete Pourable Crack Filler can accommodate large, undermined areas of your concrete, we also offer more heavy-duty products for repairing a pool deck. That is why our team recommends using our UNIQUE® High-Performance Fast-Setting Repair Mortar for those concrete patching and repair projects.

Since larger cracks in your concrete may call for a more significant pool deck repair, our team recommends following these steps with our repair mortar for the best results:

  • Prepare the crack – This step can include clearing your crack of any existing dirt or debris, as well as deepening your crack to create a V-shape crater, which can help your repair mortar adhere to your concrete more efficiently.
  • Apply the concrete repair material – Simply apply the repair material to the affected area. Once fully applied, you can spread the material to the entirety of the crack and smooth the surface in order to match the level of the existing concrete pavement.
  • Let your crack cure – With our fast-setting mortar, it takes one to three hours for your newly repaired crack to fully cure. Once this has occurred, you can allow foot and vehicle traffic to cross over your fresh concrete repair.

It is also important to wear the appropriate safety gear when repairing a pool deck to help avoid getting anything harmful in your eyes or on your skin during the maintenance process.

Concrete Discoloration

Discoloration in your concrete can occur due to the following:

  • Sun exposure
  • Weathering
  • Pool chemicals
  • Incorrect color application

To avoid discoloration and repair a pool deck effectively, clean the affected area using a concrete cleaning solution and apply a concrete sealer regularly as a part of your routine pool deck maintenance. This will help keep the color of your pavement in pristine condition for years to come.

FAQs – Pool Deck Repair and More

Want to learn more about how to repair a pool deck? If so, check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How often should I repair a pool deck?

How often you should be repairing a pool deck can depend on the issues that emerge over time. The need for a repair can also come from external factors, such as climate, usage, and the strength of your pavement material.

Though repairs may need to occur at any point, our team recommends that you perform routine inspection and maintenance at least once a year.

How can I protect my pavement from damage caused by the sun?

Here are some quick things you can do in order to avoid sun damage on your pool pavement:

  • Consider building overhead cover, such as a pergola
  • Use a UV-resistant sealant on your pavement

How often should I reseal my concrete?

To avoid more frequent pool deck repairs, we advise resealing your pavement every two to three years for the best results.

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