asphalt racetrack crack sealer

The Best Crack Filler for Asphalt Racetracks and Racetrack Complexes

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions for...
protect your driveway in the summer

How to Protect and Maintain Your Driveway in the Summer

When you’re a homeowner, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property and retaining its inherent...
Sidewalk Crack Filler

Need a Sidewalk Crack Filler? UNIQUE Paving Materials Has You Covered

If you’re looking to repair an unattractive, cracked sidewalk with an easy-to-use sidewalk crack filler...
Sidewalk Repair

What You Need to Know About Sidewalk Repair

When it comes to severely damaged and cracked sidewalks, UNIQUE Paving Materials has the sidewalk...
pavement maintenance

Essential Pavement Maintenance Tips for the Summer

With the wear and tear that most roads endure daily, it’s essential to conduct proper...
Hairline Cracks in Concrete

How to Identify Hairline Cracks and Make Concrete Hairline Crack Repairs

If you have been searching for a reliable product that will repair your concrete hairline...
parking lot sealcoating

5 of the Best Products for Parking Lot Sealcoating and Parking Lot Sealing

Parking lot resurfacing can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right products...
driveway resurfacing

When to Sealcoat or Resurface Your Asphalt Driveway

While they have a fresh, black appearance and beautiful curb appeal, asphalt driveways also require...
asphalt driveway materials

How to Maintain Your Asphalt Driveway to Keep It Looking New

A new asphalt driveway provides years of curb appeal and a smooth driving surface. Many...
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