concrete patch repair

Learn How to Patch Concrete Using the Proper UNIQUE Products

It’s important to realize that outside factors affect the durability of concrete. By understanding what...
road work in the winter

What It Takes to Do Road Work in the Winter

It may seem like winter would be a problematic time to do any kind of...
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Need a Basement Wall Patch? UNIQUE Paving Materials Has Got You Covered

When it comes to your basement walls, leakage and seepage issues are more common than...
repair concrete patio cracks

The Best Products for Repairing Cracks in Your Concrete Patio

UNIQUE Paving Materials offers a variety of concrete bonding and filling products to help you...
Concrete vs. Cement

Concrete vs. Cement: What Are the Differences?

Many times, the terms concrete and cement are used interchangeably. However, concrete and cement are...
Prepare Your Driveway for Winter

How to Prepare Your Driveway for Winter

Winter is coming and your driveway could be in danger. While it may be the...
asphalt speed bump

The Definitive Guide to Asphalt Speed Bump Repairs

When it comes to speed bumps, the end goal is to slow traffic, reduce speed...
asphalt pavement maintenance

The Importance of Ongoing Pavement Maintenance

Pavement is a part of everyday life, more so than we sometimes realize. You drive...

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Patch Concrete

Concrete is used all around the world for countless applications, but unfortunately, it’s inevitable that...
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