pavement repair for hotels

Pavement Repair for Hotels

Within the hospitality industry, every aspect of the guest experience is vital to take into...
DIY concrete repair

DIY Concrete Repair: 6 Things You Need to Know

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we know how daunting chips and cracks in your concrete can...
concrete deck crack repair

How to Repair Cracks in Your Concrete Deck

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we understand and appreciate the advantages of concrete decks: they offer...
concrete and asphalt repair for colleges

Asphalt Repair for Colleges

With colleges and universities, it’s important to stay up to date on maintenance for both...
repairing asphalt tennis courts

The Best Products for Repairing Asphalt Tennis Courts

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we understand the importance of a well-maintained tennis court and know...
how to fill large cracks in concrete

Tips for How to Fill Large Cracks in Concrete

Driveway cracks form in different shapes and sizes. Oftentimes, grabbing some gloves and going with...
Repairing asphalt basketball courts

The Best Products for Repairing Asphalt Basketball Courts

When choosing to lay the foundation of a basketball court, many cities and municipalities typically...
blacktop repair products

Need a Reliable Blacktop Sealer? UNIQUE Paving Materials Has You Covered!

UNIQUE Paving Materials is a manufacturer of asphalt and concrete repair and maintenance products  that...
asphalt maintenance in the spring

Asphalt Maintenance in the Spring

The winter months can really take a toll on the well-being of your asphalt surfaces...
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