Comparing UPM with Cold Mix Manufacturing’s Greenpatch

Demonstrating UPM® in Mixed Volume traffic and Mixed Loads. Install Conditions: Dry Above 40ºF Pavement...

Pothole Repair Demonstration: UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material

Demonstrating UPM® in Mixed Volume traffic and Mixed Load. Install Conditions: Dry Above 40ºF, Pavement...
parking lot

Pavement Repair Demonstration using UPM Green® Summer Grade.

Install Conditions: Dry Above 40ºF Pavement Conditions: Dense and wide cracks Installation Date: July 29...
railroad crossing repair

Railroad Crossing Repair Using UPM® Pavement Repair Materials

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we specialize in creating pavement preservation materials for a diverse array...
winning strategy

Embrace a Winning Strategy with Unique Paving Materials

UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material has led the market for over 50 years because it...
history of concrete

The History of Concrete: An Informational Guide

Concrete, originally composed of crushed limestone, is an essential fixture of the modern world. Used...
asphalt paving

How Asphalt Paving Technology Has Evolved and Why It Affects Drivers

The asphalt repair and asphalt paving industries are constantly working to improve the performance of...
asphalt repair

A Unique History of Asphalt Road Repair Around the World

Unique Paving Materials is proud to be an innovator when it comes to developing the...

UNIQUE Stirs the pothole with winning formula

With all the potholes popping up, Cleveland Local News station WEWS – Channel 5 came...
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