Permanent Pavement Repair Material Underwater

You Want a Product that Works in Wet Conditions; We Went a Step Further

Testing UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material Underwater Permanence. When it comes to pavement repair products...
asphalt repair product supplier

A Common Language for Pavement Preservation

Which Approach to Pavement Preservation Do You Take? In order to have efficient conversation regarding...
state roads that are costing you the most

What Are Your State’s Roads Costing You?

Whether it’s replacing blown tires or readjusting vehicle alignment, the cost of just maintaining a...
how a road is paved

How a Road is Paved

A Guide to the Road Paving Process There’s little doubt that most of us view...
paved roads

Asphalt Paving Throughout History

A Brief Look at How Asphalt Pavement Has Transformed the Landscape Today, asphalt paving has...
Road construction techniques

Road Construction: Past and Present

The Path to Building a Better Road Road construction is one of the world’s oldest...
Lexington Chooses Cold Mix

After 3 years, UPM® mix is still undefeated in Lexington!

Demonstrating UPM High Performance Cold Mix for the City of Lexington Street Department Install Conditions:...
UNIQUE Paving Materials Micro Mix

MICRO MIX™ Mini Cold Mix: A New Product from Unique Paving Materials!

Here are details from a press release about our new product, MICRO MIX! MICRO MIX...
Concrete Tip of the Week

Concrete Tip of the Week: Partial-Depth Concrete Patch Failures

  The most frequent construction-related causes of partial-depth concrete patch failure include the following: 0/5...
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