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How to Protect and Maintain a Parking Lot in the Winter

How to Protect and Maintain a Parking Lot in the Winter

The colder months already bring many challenges like preparing for snowstorms and freezing weather. On top of that, it’s essential for businesses to consider different ways to protect a parking lot in the winter so everything stays safe and functional.

Preparing your parking lot for the winter months can be hard when you’re unsure what the best approach to take is, but that’s where we come in. We know what it takes to protect and maintain a parking lot in the winter, so let’s look at different approaches!

Three Proactive Ways to Protect a Parking Lot in the Winter

Without having the necessary tools to protect a parking lot in the winter it can become extremely time-consuming and difficult. It’s important to first put a plan into place and take the necessary steps to maintain your parking lot in the winter. 

1. Hire a Professional Snow Removal Company

To keep your business running smoothly, have an experienced team of snowplow drivers ready to go. It will be less stressful during the winter to know your parking lot is being maintained by snowplows. This will help avoid any asphalt damage, which is a major priority for ensuring a safe driving and walking surface.

Prior to snow removal, discuss any snowplow-related problems. It’s crucial to keep your team up to date on any slope issues, irregularities in the surface, or curbs that can be accidentally hit to overall help protect the parking lot in the winter. 

2. Inspect the Parking Lot Drainage System

To avoid any water overflow from your drainage system, you’ll want to look at your drainage system prior to winter. This will help ensure minimal risk of blockages during the winter months, if not attended to, this can result in turning the parking lot into an icy hazard for people walking or driving by. Keep in mind, the sooner the problem is inspected and fixed, the longer the surface will last.

Some important questions to ask yourself when inspecting your parking lot drainage system include:

  • Is there water consistently collecting around the surface of the drain?
  • Is there asphalt flush with the parking lot drain?
  • Does water create a small pool in the middle of the parking lot?
  • Is there anything visibly impeding the drain from within?

Another important consideration if your parking lot is near a highway or road is looking for aggregate materials and debris that accumulates because of runoff and heavy rains.

3. Common Repairs to Keep in Mind Before Winter Hits

Be sure to have your parking lot repaired via seal coating to prepare before winter temperatures hit. Sealcoating helps protect a parking lot in the winter by making it last longer, and it also makes it look fresh and clean. This is a very affordable, quick, and relatively easy process. To prevent long-term pavement wear and tear, consider sealcoating and filling potholes.

Sealcoating will help prevent new and reappearing cracks that occur over time. Depending on the number of visitors your parking lot gets, consider repairing the service once every 1-3 years to prevent any future damages.

Pothole repairs are also an important part of preparing for the rough winter conditions. If these potholes are left dormant over the winter season they can enlarge and expand, leaving your pavement weakened and susceptible to cracking. To take care of your potholes before winter, use any simple patching mix of your choice.

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