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CRACK-N-TACK® Portable Drum Pump

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The CRACK-N-TACK® portable drum pump makes asphalt repair easy—wherever you need it. It is designed to work seamlessly with KOLD-FLO® crack filler and sealer. This small, powerfully designed drum pump will speed up repairs. Plus, its lightweight portability means you won’t need to constantly refill pour pots or move your drum.

Kold-Flo Crack Filler Pump

Effortless set up will allow your crew to spend time on repairs, not hassling with equipment. The cam-lock hose connections can easily be set up and broken down. It is gasoline powered and does not require an air compressor or electrical hookups. Afterwards, this portable drum pump is easy to clean. Simply wash it out with water and dish detergent, and finish the asphalt repair job early.

Although it is designed for use with KOLD-FLO  crack filler, our portable drum pump is compatible with other materials as well. Some of uses for the Crack-n-Tack pump include applying asphalt emulsions, water, and several non-caustic liquids.

The CRACK-N-TACK portable drum pump specifications include:

• 4 HP Honda Engine with 6:1 gear reduction
• A Monyo 333 pump with a low shear, versatile progressive cavity pump
• 2 valves for easy use
• Pre-set pressure relief valve for reliable and steady operation

Are you interested in this pump, which balances heavy-duty construction with light weight design? Contact Unique Paving Material today to learn more about the Crack-n-Tack portable drum pump or order online!