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Pour Pot

Pour PotEfficiency is essential on pavement repair sites. Filling individual asphalt cracks can be a time consuming and difficult task though it’s necessary for proper asphalt seal coating. But, hand applying asphalt repair product is hardly the way to speed up your operations. Plus, it can leave workers tired and unproductive. Instead, look into using one of Unique’s pour pots.

Designed to complement our pavement repair products, Unique Paving Material pour pots are the key to increased productivity. Using a pour pot allows you to fill asphalt cracks as you walk. Not only is this faster than hand applying, it also requires less effort. The built in legs also mean that you can take a quick break from the job without worrying about spilling.

Its adjustable nozzle with nozzle control allows for precise application that rivals hand application of asphalt repair products. Plus, it was built with durability in mind. This welded steel pour pot can accommodate both hot and cold repair products. We offer pour pots as a convenience item to assist in the application of our products. Its anti-leak, anti-spill design makes it ideal for jobs that require exact coverage and quick application.

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