Concrete Patching Products

Repair solutions for concrete pavement

UNIQUE Paving Materials manufactures a line of high-quality concrete repair products. Products such as rapid setting high strength mortars, hydraulic cement, ready to use concrete mix, and polymer modified mortars and concrete mixes are subjected to strict QC testing parameters to ensure we are offering the best possible solution and quality to our customers. We’re proud of the number of concrete patching products we’ve designed for many scenarios and applications. You can easily mix and match our concrete products based on your particular patching needs. Browse our available concrete repair solutions below.

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As your No. 1 paving materials supplier, UNIQUE® offers high-performance products you can trust. Whether you need to fix a driveway, street, sidewalk or pothole, you can find lab-tested, reliable solutions right here in our shop. Browse our asphalt repair and concrete patching products now.

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