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Pavement Crack Repairs in Hartford: Six Years Later!

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UPM®, Permanent Pavement Repair Material

Demonstrating UPM® in High Volume traffic and Heavy Loads.

Install Conditions: Dry Above 40ºF

Pavement Conditions: Various Cracks

Installation Date: May 2007

Time Elapsed: 6 Years

Location: Hartford, CT, Weston Street & New Road

UPM permanent Pavement Repair Material used in high traffic intersection at the corner of Weston Street and New Road. This repair is still intact today (more than 6 years after installation). The pavement around the UPM repair site continues to deteriorate with time; however, the original UPM patch remains solid.

broken pavement


pavement repair by UNIQUE Paving Materials


UNIQUE repair material

3 Years Later

Repaired Pavement

6 Years Later