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MICRO MIX™ Mini Cold Mix: A New Product from Unique Paving Materials!

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Here are details from a press release about our new product, MICRO MIX!

UNIQUE Paving Materials Micro MixMICRO MIX mini cold mix is made with a mixture of manufactured sand and the liquid used to manufacture asphalt repair product UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material. UPM cold mix is our premier cold applied asphalt repair material, which is guaranteed to outlast surrounding pavement in over 90% of repairs.

MICRO MIX mini mix is designed especially for smaller repair areas. It can be used on eroding concrete expansion joints, shallow pavement pop outs, and various other shallow or narrow applications. MICRO MIX mini mix’s specialized asphalt repair abilities are also ideal for asphalt cracks, which can split and extend. Using MICRO MIX mini mix helps reduce repair costs. Its guaranteed-performance will provide long lasting coverage and easy application.