Vehicle Operating Costs and Road Conditions

What Are Your State’s Roads Costing You?

state roads that are costing you the most

Whether it’s replacing blown tires or readjusting vehicle alignment, the cost of just maintaining a healthy operating vehicle can be exhausting. But what you may have not realized is that the condition of the roads you are driving on could be adding to that cost. In fact, according to The Washington Post, the average urban driver spends $515 a year on car repairs as a direct result of poor road maintenance. 

Which state’s roads are costing you the most?

  1. Washington DC: Ranked as one of the worst cities to drive in, D.C. is also plagued with having the worst roads in America. On an annual basis, D.C. drivers pay an extra cost of $1,042 for maintenance and vehicle operation due to poor road conditions.
  1. Oklahoma: With Tulsa being the biggest culprit of potholes, Oklahoma drivers spend an average of $763 a year on routine car maintenance. On average, Tulsa city workers fill approximately 250 potholes a day and still can’t keep up!
  1. California: Due to poor budget allocation, California spends majority of their whopping (insert figure here) billion dollars on public transit projects. With less money to spare on maintenance and repair, road decay displays its finest work of art.  Amongst the worst roads to drive on, Ivy and Calvin Drive were the top two in regards to the overwhelming amount of cracks and potholes.  Californians pay one of the highest amounts in terms of vehicle repairs reaching a brutal high of over $762.  Looks like gas prices aren’t the only thing to be sour about.
  1. Michigan: According to the Washington Post, 40% of the roads in Michigan are in poor condition resulting in drivers dishing out $686 a year on car repairs. According to TRIP’s analysis, more than half of the roads in Detroit are in crumbling condition subjecting travelers to $866 a year in vehicle damage.
  1. New Jersey: Only 24% of the Jersey state roads remain in “good condition.” Drivers on average spend just one dollar less than Michigan drivers with a total of $685.

Your state didn’t make the top five?

Check to see the average annual repair costs drivers are spending in your state!

the hidden cost of bad roads

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