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The Best Concrete Resurfacer from UNIQUE Paving Materials

UNIQUE Paving Materials concrete resurfacer

UNQIUE Paving Materials has remained a leading asphalt repair company for more than 60 years. Our dedicated team provides innovative products equipped to withstand every season, climate, and weather condition. From pavement preservation to concrete repair materials, UNIQUE has the cost-effective repair solutions you need.

When it comes to concrete resurfacing, our REJUVIT® concrete resurfacer has been proven to save you time, money, and repeated repairs in the future. Formulated with Gilsonite and combined with other high-performance surfactant additives, REJUVIT® concrete resurfacer always delivers superior performance in concrete pavement preservation.

REJUVIT® Concrete Resurfacer

REJUVIT® Gilsonite modified concrete resurfacer is designed to rejuvenate and seal concrete pavements and protect the surfaces from water, deicing salts, and moisture. Created to preserve, protect, and beautify pavements, our concrete resurfacing product is composed with UNIQUE’s signature grade Gilsonite-modified asphalt emulsion, special polymers, and additional additives.

When it comes to coverage, just one gallon of our UNIQUE REJUVIT® concrete resurfacer is capable of covering approximately 100 square feet (11 square yards). The rate of coverage will vary based on surface age, condition, and porosity. The newer the pavement, the less concrete resurfacer required for full coverage.

Our Concrete Resurfacing Benefits

REJUVIT® from UNIQUE Paving Materials stands apart from other concrete resurfacing products, consistently delivering high-quality performance and durability.

Wondering how your concrete resurfacer compares to our REJUVIT® Gilsonsite modified formula? Check out some of the added benefits of our product:

If you’re looking for a cost-effective concrete resurfacer for your next pavement repair project, choose REJUVIT® concrete resurfacer.

Restore Your Pavement with Our UNIQUE Concrete Resurfacer

With our REJUVIT® concrete resurfacer, you have the ability to restore practically any pavement surface to nearly new condition. REJUVIT® resurfacer is designed to protect concrete surfaces from a variety of materials and substances such as water damage due to freeze/thaw cycles, stains from dirt, deicing salts, oil, and other contaminants.

Looking to extend the life of your driveway, parking lot, roadway, or other pavement surface? Our REJUVIT® concrete resurfacer can get the job done. 

More About UNIQUE Paving Materials

UNIQUE Paving Materials has been providing high-performance road repair solutions all over North America for more than 60 years, regardless of weather or climate. Whether you are looking to repair a pothole or conduct a major paving project, we have the solutions you need. With frequent careful testing of our materials, our concrete repair products are known for extreme adaptability and user friendliness.

Contact UNIQUE Paving Materials Today to Learn More About Our REJUVIT® Concrete Resurfacer

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, our team is always researching new solutions for concrete repair products. As a longtime industry leader, we are committed to delivering cost-effective, versatile products while never compromising on quality.

If you’re interested in using our REJUVIT® concrete resurfacer for your next pavement repair project, reach out to us today. We can help you determine how much you will need for your application and any other products that can aid in your pavement preservation. We look forward to helping you restore your concrete surfaces!