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Asphalt crack sealant product specifications

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Product Specifications — KOLD-FLO® Asphalt Crack Sealant

Our unique crack sealer and filler is called KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler, a modified asphalt emulsion product that is second-to-none for repairing street and road cracks, cracks in driveways and other pavements, and repairing concrete foundations and parking lots. KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler repairs many types of concrete and asphalt surfaces. KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler works well as either a concrete crack sealant or an asphalt crack sealant because it is fast curing and cost effective. For more information, browse our resource library below for safety data sheets and more.

KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler Safety Data Sheet

Learn more about KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler in our safety data sheet, including safety information, composition ingredients and precautions for handling and storage.

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KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler Quantity Determination Guide

Get help determining the approximate quantity you need for your concrete or asphalt crack sealant with our determination guide.

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