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Valuable Products from Valuable People to Valuable Customers

What Makes

Valuable Products from Valuable People to Valuable Customers

From driveway asphalt repair and pothole repairs across America to specialized concrete products and asphalt additives, UNIQUE Paving Materials has a history of innovation, excellence and ongoing improvement we stand upon proudly. Learn what makes us truly UNIQUE in the road repair industry below.

Cold Mix

We define quality as guaranteed product performance, from testing all raw materials on through to the finished production. To be called UNIQUE, it must pass our stringent QC procedure. Learn More

Permanent pothole repair since 1959

It all started with a coffee can, a welding rod, experimenting with a variety of additives and aggregates, and was driven by our founder’s dream of delivering a permanent solution to repairing potholes.
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UPM Cold Mix Asphalt Patch

UNIQUE Customers are literally hooked on the reliable and consistent performance of our products. When potential clients sample UPM Cold Mix, they typically become customers for life. Visit our Testimonials page and read what satisfied customers have to say about our innovative and industry leading pothole and pavement repair products.


Asphalt Patching Material

From our President through every department of the company, our industry leading is driven by experienced people whose passion is fulfilling our promise to you.

UNIQUE Products

Every product is developed with one core focus…Performance. Whether you use our Signature UPM Cold Mix, UPM Green, our asphalt crack repair product Kold Flo, or UNIQUE – the concrete patch repair material, or INTEGRA-SEAL – Coal Tar Free Sealer, you can count on them to work as promised.

Environmentally Safe Cold Mix

Our industry-leading lab and R & D team is continuously researching, testing and developing new solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the pavement repair market. From protecting our environment to
discovering new applications… Learn More