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asphalt pavement repair

Asphalt Pavement Rejuvination

RAVEL CHECK®: Rejuvenation/Preservation Liquid, Road Repair & Pothole Prevention

RAVEL CHECK® asphalt rejuvenation/preservation liquid is designed to preserve and restore problem pavement areas. Easy to use, spray or pour RAVEL CHECK® liquid onto pavement damaged by weathering, oxidation, poor construction and snow plows. Designed for use on raveling, cold seam failures and oxidation. Apply RAVEL CHECK liquid to new asphalt pavements to extend your pavement life cycle.

road repair

RAVEL CHECK Rejuvenation/Preservation Liquid Data Sheet

RAVEL CHECK rejuvenation/preservation liquid repairs and preserves the life of existing pavement, roads and streets that are just beginning to show deterioration.  When used properly, it can help save roads that are in fairly good condition and prevent them from having to be repaved.  It can also be used in patch applications to prevent pothole formation.  For homeowners, RAVEL CHECK liquid can also be used on driveways.

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